Published On: Tue, Apr 21st, 2020

Correct procedures for opening doors again

Writing in The Telegraph, Global Health Editor Paul Nuki believes ‘We risk the virus peaking up again unless the softening of the hard lockdown we have in place is done very carefully. A second peak would be an economic tragedy as well as a human one. The lockdown versus economy debate is not binary. Shutting up shop for three months is heart attack territory. Having to do it again in mid winter would put UK plc on a slab.’

It is important when businesses do open again for business the correct procedures and measures are put in place. Also, these measures need to be communicated to the market to give customers confidence worker and customer safety remains paramount. The latest campaign by Amazon is a useful example. It details how workers are provided with PPE, have temperature checks and work in staged shift pattern. 

Nuki rightfully points out: ’For those seeking inspiration inspiration, turn to The Merchant of Prato’ by Iris Origo. It’s chief protagonist, Marco Datini, emerged from the plagues of 14th-centruy Tuscany an even richer man. He’s seen by some as a forerunner of the modern businessman. He’s certainly proof that if there is one thing as adaptive to change as viruses, it is capitalism.’