Published On: Tue, May 14th, 2019

Genuine game changing technology demonstrated by Smart Ready®

Game changing is an overused term, but it’s the only way to describe the Smart Ready®, a new Certification Standard which was recently showcased at an exclusive press Preview event. Opening its new Smart Ready® idea to the press, the Smart Ready® team impressed magazine journalists from around the industry with a demonstration of genuine game changing technology. “The journalists who came were super impressed with Smart Ready® and the entirely new approach to what smart must be to windows and doors,” explains Giovanni Laporta, innovator behind Smart Ready®. “We had comments like ‘there’s nothing like this out there’, ‘it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before’, ‘something special is happening here’ and ‘cliché words like game changer and innovation should strictly be reserved for ideas like this’. The Smart Ready® team were genuinely blown away to hear so many great comments by magazine journalists.

“Adaptability was the take home message. Smart Ready® Certification Standard suits two minds, the people not ready to make any big leap to smart today but want to future proof the home with windows and doors to be ready for smart in the future, and the people who are ready to be smart now. We saw a similar thing with TVs some years ago – TVs were prepped and sold as HD Ready, years before high definition signals were being streamed. The technology was there, ready to use when the market was ready to use it. The idea worked. Who buys a TV today that isn’t HD Ready? All companies have to do to be Smart Ready® Certified is follow the Smart Ready® minimum requirements in the standard, when put simply is preparing windows and doors for smart anytime. Smart Ready® Certification Standard is awarded to New Build house builders, Architects and Designers, Manufacturers, Installers and Hardware products. With a background in hardware design, as well as experience in the smart technology sector, I came up with the Smart ready® Standard. Smart Ready® is insanely easy to implement. I know manufacturers don’t want to add lots of extra processes to making windows and doors and that time and product operation are an issue when introducing new ideas. All of this has been taken into account in the design of the Smart Ready® Certification Standard.”

All objections from a commercial and consumer’s perspective have been considered and overcome in the long and arduous draft and redrafting of the Certification Standard to ensure a smooth and sleek proposition for all involved. “The official launch of Smart Ready® is happening on Stand M20 at the FIT Show. Visitors will see first-hand the difference the Smart Ready® Certification Standard will have when applied to windows and doors – and we are confident all the magazine journalists’ endorsements will be shared by every new build house builder, fabricator, installer and hardware supplier. Smart Ready® Certified companies will be announced on the website nearer the FIT Show.”