Published On: Mon, Jul 20th, 2020

How just 2 minutes can save hours, every day with AdminBase

Despite being the go-to management system for window installers for more than 20 years, the owners of AdminBase had to find a way to deal with a surge in demand. Video proved to be the answer… There is no doubt about it, that for anyone other than computer nerds, trying to understand the basics of a new software programme can be an instant antidote to insomnia. And actually, communicating the benefits to a potential user, is a real problem for the seller too. A problem that may be compounded when selling to people that are inclined towards more practical skills….such as the owners of window installation companies for example.

That fundamental issue hasn’t exactly held back Ab Initio Software, the company behind the window and door installation industry’s most successful software package AdminBase. Designed specifically to help window, door and conservatory installers run their businesses, in the 20 plus years since founder Rhonda Ridge developed and launched the product, the number of users has grown to more than 3,000 in the UK. However, during the past couple of years AdminBase has experienced something of a growth spurt, encouraged by last year’s introduction of a series of tablet-based mobile apps that allow sales, survey, installation and snagging functions to be completed on site whilst connected to the
system. Demand since then has risen significantly, presenting Ab Initio with the problem of communicating the complex benefits of AdminBase, to dozens of new potential users each week, many of whom are resolutely benefits-focused. In other words, ‘just tell me what it does, not how it does it!’

Rhonda and her team had to find a way of dealing with large numbers of enquirers, many of whom were time – and attention – poor. And the increasingly popular format of video was chosen. The result is that rarest of gems, a video production that gets straight to the point and, within a mere 2 minutes, delivers a concise and compelling portrayal of just how AdminBase can benefit users, in the time it takes to enjoy a coffee.

The highly effective explainer video shows how AdminBase shows how every stage of the installation process – including canvassing, sales, survey, installation, service calls and warranty records – slick, accurate and, crucially, easier to manage, all within the one system. The video shows how sales enquiries may quickly be turned into accurate quotations with everything kept securely in the same place, eradicating scrawled notes on scraps of paper, duplication, handwritten contracts, surveys and fitter notes – and errors. Available on a range of devices including mobile tablets such as iPads and with apps for sales, survey, installation and service calls, data is stored centrally with a range of features that include emailed quotes and contracts, ordering from suppliers, installation notes and through to final sign off and invoicing.

Rhonda, who realised the need for an integrated project management system when managing the finances for a window installation company, says watching the video has been a game changer for dozens of companies already: “We set out to produce a video that quickly shows what AdminBase can do for installers – and the result is something that an investment of just a couple of minutes, quite literally can save the user hours every day of their working lives.” To watch AdminBase video scan the QR code or go to