Published On: Fri, Oct 2nd, 2020

It’s time to adopt a selfless attitude

However you dress up the latest round of COVID-19 restrictions, we are entering a new period of semi-lockdown. The difference is that the wider economy and the education system are being prioritised. For this we should be thankful. At least construction sites, factories, warehouses and tradespeople will be able to operate. We have our own selves to blame for the recent spike in infections and it really does show what a selfish nation we have become.

Having travelled through France and Spain during August is was plainly obvious to me that cases of COVID-19 would dramatically rise in these countries. The French had a massive reluctance to wear face masks or socially distance. In Spain, holiday makers and the young were failing to follow the lead of the majority of Spaniards who are adhering to the stringent requirements to wear a face covering.

Returning to the UK it was shocking to witness the reluctance of many to take precautions against the virus. Shop workers reported constant abuse if they tried to enforce customers to wear face covering, while social distancing is more often disregarded. We all need to take a reality check and think about the people who have been affected by the pandemic and then consider our own actions. You may not know someone directly who has lost their life from COVID-19, however, I can guarantee that you know someone in our own industry who has been made redundant as a consequence of the virus. This alone should make us all reflect on our own behaviour and ask whether we are doing enough to help combat the spread of the virus.

The next four months will be incredibly important for our sector. Many businesses have reported a strong return after lockdown but it is important we maintain this as there will be no new furlough schemes or grants to rely on if things take a turn for the worse. For this reason we need to listen to the advice; wash our hands, socially distance, wear face masks and don’t bend the rules – it really is not that difficult. Think not about yourself but the colleagues who have lost their jobs in our own sector, and help safeguard the futures for those who remain. We are fortunate to be back to some form of operational level and it is good to hear so many firms achieving record orders.

However, we must not become complacent and believe we have overcome the pandemic; it remains as strong as ever and has the ability to hit back harder. We now have the hindsight as to how best to protect against it – let’s just all make sure we put it into practice….

John CowieEditor Windows Active