Published On: Tue, Apr 21st, 2020

Roseview Windows

Address: 35 Stilebrook Road, Olney, MK46 5EA

Tel: 01234 712 657 – Email: @@RoseviewWindows

About Roseview:

There’s no substitute for experience, and at Roseview we’ve got loads of it.

Established in 1977, we started manufacturing uPVC sash windows in 1985. In fact, Roseview the first company in the UK (and the world?) to dedicate ourselves to doing so. So when it comes to sash windows, there’s not a lot we haven’t seen or done.

Based in the pretty Buckinghamshire market town of Olney, we’ve been in the same location from the start. But because we keep growing, we keep having to take over extra factory units, all next door to our original one. Currently we have three, and we’re adding more floor space all the time.

Sash windows are a traditional product, and we’re based in a traditional market town. So it would be tempting to think of Roseview as a traditional company.

But we’re not.

We’ve been leading the field for 40 years. We were the first company to take the plunge and start manufacturing uPVC sash windows. In 1985 that was a bold move. Not long after we stopped manufacturing other windows and doors to concentrate solely on sashes.

Since then, we’ve continued to push the market forward. We were the first company to build sash windows from two different systems companies, extending our range and offering windows to cover every part of a growing market. When we went for Secured by Design accreditation we went all out and tested large windows that could be used in the real world (1400 x 2000mmm) – much larger than the sample windows some other companies tested just so they could say they’d got the certificate.

We didn’t stop there. In 2010 we went to our systems companies and told them that an essential part of sash windows would be run-through horns. At the time their priorities were different, so we designed and developed our own. It was a risk, but it paid off – and now all the main systems companies have their own version (none are quite as authentic as ours though!). We did the same thing with mechanical joints, and – again – we’re beginning to see others follow suit.

And, of course, there’s more to come. Recently we’ve designed and extruded our own midrail profile for our Ultimate Rose window. At 35mm it’s the slimmest midrail on the market, and something no other fabricator can match. Just another example of how we’ve moved beyond being a simple fabricator into a full service manufacturer and leader in our field.

So we may be making traditional products in a traditional setting, but we’re far from being a traditional company.

We’ve already mentioned our three factory units, but did you know that we also have a dedicated showroom and training centre on site, just for the benefit of our trade customers? 

Of course many of our customers have their own showrooms which we’re happy to supply windows for, but for those who don’t, they’re more than welcome to bring their customers to us to show them our Rose Collection windows. This is also very handy for commercial installers and anyone who wants to demonstrate our windows to architects, specifiers, conservation officers and planners.

We also have a training centre on site, which we invite customers to. It could be for sales team training, surveying tips, or simply a general introduction to uPVC sash windows and how they can help your business – whatever our customers need, we’re happy to provide.