Published On: Thu, Aug 22nd, 2019

Roto Patio Inowa achieves Resistance Class 2 when used with aluminium

Roto is promoting its Patio Inowa sliding system as being capable of compliance with Resistance Class 2 of EN 1627 when used on aluminium profiles. Patio Inowa units, featuring special security strikers designed specifically for the mullion of a sliding door, have recently passed tests in Germany. The RC 2 procedure requires an installation to resist attack by a technician simulating a break-in attempt by a burglar equipped with basic tools.

“This result is really impressive because it’s so rare for a sliding installation to achieve it,” says Chris Cauwenberghs, Product Manager for Roto Western Europe. “It is yet another reason for aluminium fabricators to look at Patio Inowa. On top of its unmatched weather-sealing properties and ease of operation, the fact it can also achieve this security level makes it far and away the best sliding system out there.”

Patio Inowa uses a patented mechanism, in which the sliding sash is locked shut by compressing it against the outer frame. Mushroom-headed cams pull the sash closed on all sides, including the mullion.

“A number of leading aluminium systems companies are working with us to promote Patio Inowa,” explains Roto UK Sales Manager Vesa Nenye. “They recognise that it is outstanding in every way. Installations have withstood wind loading and driving rain way beyond anything we’ve ever seen from a sliding door,” he says.

“This makes the system ideal for use on tall buildings exposed to high winds,” Vesa continues. “One prestigious example is the new development at Canary Wharf in London. With this level of security, Patio Inowa is also perfect for use on homes and apartments closer to the ground level that might be vulnerable to burglar attack. Anyone who is interested should Google ‘Roto Patio Inowa’ because there are some very good videos on our website. Then get in touch with us.”

Roto Patio Inowa is classified as having a barrier-free threshold for accessibility. The maximum sash loading is 200 kg.

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