Published On: Wed, Nov 17th, 2021

The premier choice for conservatory roofs

Market leading conservatory roof systems prove a big hit for fast growing roof manufacturer, Premier Roof Systems’

Fast growing roof manufacturer Premier Roof Systems has learned that a successful formula needn’t be rocket science. By understanding the inherent importance of three simple customer requirements, they are able to consistently meet expectations and deliver high quality conservatory roof systems. What matters most? Three things, explains Managing Director, Pouya Bostani: “Flexibility, performance and value for money. If you don’t deliver, even in one of those areas, you risk undermining the whole customer journey.”

Flexibility is key – Being flexible at the beginning of the quoting and design stage saves time and money for everyone. Customers seldom return for design amendments or other changes if, in the first instance, their requirements are met correctly. By listening and taking onboard the exact requirements of a customer you guarantee confidence in their order. This in turn, installs confidence not only in the customer but within the sales, ordering and manufacturing teams. This also helps reduce lead times and generally keeps costs down.

Performance is just as crucial – By manufacturing and supplying tried and tested systems from industry leading brands, Premier Roof Systems has managed to leverage impressive levels of consistency in the performance of their conservatory roof systems. This bodes particularly well with trade customers as they rely very much on fast, efficient and hassle-free installations. The superior quality of the materials and components used make for durable, long lasting conservatories.

Value for money – “We mustn’t underestimate the customers penchant for value for money,” explains Pouya. “You know a customer demands value for money but we underestimate just how savvy todays customers are. By being careful and respectful in our pricing and by combining our flexible approach and performance led systems you can confidently provide real value for money.”

Among the industry leading systems is the Warm Roof by Guardian. It combines practicality with great design which often proves a popular option among homeowners wanting to replace tired, old roofs without building a whole new conservatory. What’s particularly appealing about the Guardian Warm Roof is its thermal performance. It’s no secret that the roof has been independently subject to rigorous thermal testing and leads many of its competitors in thermal performance. “Keeping your conservatory warm in the winter but cool in the summer is all too often high on our customers list of priorities when it comes to conservatory roofs,” explains Manufacturing Director, Jamie Blackwood.

“Customers really like how flexible you can be with the design and aesthetics of the Warm Roof. There are a range of shingle tile options which come in a range of colours. Guardian also has it’s own alternative slate option which proves a popular option because of it’s durable, heat resistant properties. Roof lights and Velux window options can also be included making the Warm Roof a very versatile roof system.”

Another market leading conservatory roof system which is very popular among PRS customers is the Ultraframe Classic Conservatory roof. This is a stylish aluminium based, all glass roof which is British Board of Agrement approved. It’s strength lies literally in it’s strength. It can withstand winds of up to 130mph making it one of the sturdiest full glass conservatory roof options on the market. Popular features include variable pitches from 2.5° to 40.9°, variable ridges and portal systems meaning the roof is configurable to almost any size and shape. The roof boasts a host of other strong technical specifications which makes the Classic Conservatory Roof one of the leading roof systems on the market.

Industry leading brand Eurocell also offer a very worthy contender for top conservatory roof system. What is particularly appealing about the Eurocell conservatory roof is the ability for customers to design a classic looking conservatory. This helps with older period properties which benefit from designs which are in keeping with the property. The technical features boast an array of benefits including fast, easy installation, 1.0 U-value glass options, variable pitch options, an array of frame, glass and polycarbonate colours and a 10-year guarantee.

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