Published On: Thu, Oct 3rd, 2019

Wayne Hunter, Emmegi (UK) Service and Operations Manager

Wayne Hunter has joined Emmegi (UK) as Service and Operations Manager with a brief to make Emmegi a company which is easier to do business with. Hugely experienced in the industry, Wayne is focusing on improving the entire customer experience right from the point when a machine is ordered all the way through to when it is delivered and serviced.

Emmegi (UK)’s Managing Director Ian Latimer explained: “We’ve grown so quickly in recent years that our operational systems haven’t always been able to keep pace. We’ve recognised that and brought Wayne in to implement a new operational framework which will ensure that we are consistently more efficient and more responsive to customer demand.

Wayne is primarily responsible for Emmegi’s experienced service and installation team and has already begun implementing new procedures for machine installations and service calls which formalise the project management timeline for every job and make sure that is communicated to customers.

He is also putting in place new training schedules for the engineering team to ensure that skills are kept up to date and new systems for monitoring and analysing everything from breakdown response times to customer feedback.

Wayne joins Kully Hunter in Emmegi (UK)’s expanded service department, and together they are committed to delivering a five star service.

Wayne said: “Getting the processes right across all our operations is key to being able to deliver the kind of service which everyone here wants to do consistently and effectively. Emmegi has shown that it is prepared to invest in the resources and training necessary, so I’m really excited about we can achieve.”

Alongside Wayne’s new processes, Kully is also implementing a new CRM system at Emmegi (UK) which will make communication with customers more regular and efficient. Wayne added: “With so many changes happening across this side of the business, we’re confident that customers will start to notice the difference very quickly.”