Published On: Fri, Jun 22nd, 2018

Bespoke conservatory solutions are available from Synseal

As the sunshine emerges for what we hope is the start of a long, hot summer, Synseal Group gives a round-up of its conservatory range and the benefits of designing products which respond to the needs of the whole supply chain. 

“Bespoke” is one of the buzz words of the industry, with consumers wanting something which appears to have been designed specifically for their needs.

It’s no longer enough to offer a one-size-fits-all solution to the conservatory market, as traditional conservatory products continue decline and the booming extension market demands more flexible roofing solutions. Yet neither is it possible to offer every consumer a unique solution. However, with the right range of products, installers can help their customers make tailored choices which meet their specific needs – whether that be in appearance, thermal performance, natural light, or a combination of all three.

Synseal Group’s conservatory range has grown over the last few years to also include the Stratus thermal lantern roof, Celsius Solid Roof, and most recently the versatile variable pelmet option, which gives the much-desired internal orangery look quickly and easily.

While K2 and Global, Synseal’s traditional conservatory roof systems, remain two of the most popular in the market, the company’s roof fabricators are also adopting Stratus and Celsius Solid Roof to help installers offer more choice to consumers, and to create an unrivalled extension offer.

Head of Marketing at Synseal Group, David Wigley, said: “Consumers have responded really well to our latest roof products and we’ve seen some very impressive residential extensions via our fabricator customers and on our social media channels which demonstrate the need for products which suit extensions as well as conservatory renovations.

“While our Celsius Solid Roof product was designed to offer unparalleled thermal performance when retrofitting old, glazed and polycarbonate conservatory roofs, we have also seen it being used creatively for new extensions and even commercial walkways. The flexibility of the design has meant it’s easily adapted for all kinds of applications, and so installers don’t just sell it as a renovation product.”

This degree of flexibility and choice is something that is vital for installers to offer today’s savvy homeowners. Equally important for Synseal Group, however, is designing conservatory roof products which are simple and straightforward to install, focusing not only on the needs of homeowners but also in reducing time on site for installers with benefits like the internally fitted, single bolt fitting on the Global roof.

Matt Williams, Synseal’s Conservatory Roof Field Technician, said: 

“I spend most of my time out in the field with installers and fabricators, giving me a real world insight into consumer choices and the decision process from both the installer and homeowner point of view. Thermal efficiency, speed of install, versatility and the aesthetic finish of products are considerations spoken of most often – all of which feature in our entire roof solutions.

“Offering first fit installations to our customers has proven to be successful in driving product confidence through the supply chain. Creating the best products with fewer components and stages to completion is really important. I often find installers commenting on how remarkably quickly our Celsius Solid Roof goes together, compared to more time-consuming skeletal systems they have used in the past.

“Our Celsius Solid Roof has also evolved year on year, with new product features like an improved hip and ridge capping suite, the variable internal pelmet system, and a fixed, flush vent option using our WarmCore technology. This has received high praise from installers because it’s really simple to install alongside the easy tiling method, and the end skylight offers an increased light percentage than an equivalent size opening vent.” 

“The Stratus lantern roof has also been really well received along the whole supply chain and I hear a constant stream of positive feedback from fabricators on the speed and ease of fabricating Stratus. Installers also favour the simplicity of the product which has been designed with fewer components than most lantern systems, therefore speeding up installation time.

“While we are seeing fewer traditional style conservatories these days, our new variable pelmet system is enabling greater confidence and ease in creating more complex designs and we’re challenging customers to utilise this product to expand design options with P-shaped and stretch front Victorians, which are becoming increasingly common and are now more easily achieved. 

“With the variable pelmet compatible with our K2, Global and Celsius Solid Roof systems, it’s easy to create a mock orangery feel even on designs with varying valleys and pitches, without the hefty orangery price tag. It’s been designed with installers in mind, arriving to site pre-cut to size, compatible with all our roof systems, and the filmed glass reduces the need for additional components, allowing the fitter to install the pelmet in record time.”

To find out more about Synseal Group’s full conservatory offer, visit or call 01623 444390.