Published On: Tue, Jan 24th, 2023

Data released from Tommy Trinder reveals 14% rise in average quote value

The latest feature to launch on Tommy Trinder’s Framepoint® app allows installers to flex selling prices in a matter of seconds; a vital tool, says founder and CEO Chris Brunsdon, in a volatile market. “Installers tell us they are simply unable to absorb the various price shocks that have been coming at them, and we’ve been inundated with requests for a feature that lets them pass on price changes to the end-user in a fast and flexible way,” says Chris.

The new “flex prices” function allows Framepoint® users to update underlying price matrices for any product up or down by any given percentage, simply by checking a box. All changes are date and time stamped and a change log is clearly visible so that installers can keep track of price adjustments. 

The new launch comes as latest data released by Tommy Trinder suggests that prices are firmly on the move. The company reports that average quotes values rose to a new record high of £7,485 in quarter three, up from £6,548 in the same period last year; an increase of over 14%. 

Says Chris: “The time is definitely now for this new feature. Double digit inflation and the impact of ongoing instability in the price of glass, resin, aluminium and steel are all filtering through to the price the homeowner is paying for their windows and doors.”

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