Published On: Tue, Jun 17th, 2014

Emplas launches a series of online ordering workshops

SHOT14Emplas has launched a series of workshops to support more of its customers by helping them to get up to speed with, and to take advantage of, online ordering.

Accessed through the company’s online portal, Window Designer allows installers to get instant quotes and place orders anytime and anywhere, via the web.

To support its customers in making the move online and make the most of the platform’s capability, Emplas is running a series of training sessions.

This includes training on how to input a specification, choose glass, hardware and furniture. The system then automatically applies their discounts, to provide an instant quote. Where an order is placed installers get an immediate Order Acknowledgement.

Mike Crewdson, Sales and Marketing Director Emplas said: “Rapid turnaround is part and parcel of our business now, installers need that flexibility. Window Designer helps us to deliver it.

“The training we’re offering is aimed at demonstrating the capability to new customers and to help those who may be using it already to make the most of the flexibility it offers.”

Emplas has also used Window Designer to introduce new efficiencies internally. This means that the Northamptonshire-based trade fabricator’s manufacturing and customer service teams can manage customer orders far more effectively across the board and in turn, offer a better service to its customers, whether they are coming to it ‘on’ or ‘offline’.

Crewdson concluded: “Because the whole work-flow is fully integrated and because we can check or access any orders at any time, the manufacturing process becomes seamless.

“That makes us more efficient and flexible, and gives benefits that we can directly pass onto the customer.”

To book their place, Emplas customers should contact their Customer Support Coordinator

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