Published On: Sun, Jun 8th, 2014

Fenestration software for every business

Greg Beachim runs through First Degree Systems’ range of competitive fenestration software solutions for all levels of business 

fdsWith the onset of the recession, many companies have had to expand their business operations to adapt and survive, in many ways unwittingly taking on a greater range of products has also meant an array of software products to process them. More than ever before it has left many of them straining under, not only the administration and IT requirements but the staff training issues that running multiple systems brings. It seems so simple and cost effective at the outset. Take on a system because it’s free to use software is supplied from a systems house. However, very quickly it’s found that not all software systems are equal, and poor software and time spent administering multiple systems becomes a headache if not a nightmare, as they don’t offer the integration and flexibility of Window Designer.

First Degree Systems Window Designer 7.3 stands head and shoulders above the competition. The various modules allow us to offer competitive fenestration software solutions at every level of business. From start-ups to multi-million pound corporates, First Degree Systems are the preferred choice for their pricing and manufacturing software as we offer the one complete solution.

Window Designer itself has moved forward over the years and is the corner stone of many window fabricators and retailers alike. Its ease of use and modular design, means you choose what is needed as you grow. Expansion and investment is key these days, and as such we offer the flexibility required within this market.

Conservatory Designer offers the industry proven conservatory design, pricing and manufacturing package that now extends to the growing tiled roof systems presently available.

Composite door Wizard brings a visual interface to the system, offering photo realistic options to the door slabs and glazing.

Multiple material lists allow customers to encompass everything in one job. From windows, doors, patios, curtain walling & bifold doors, in PVC-U, aluminium, steel & timber to conservatories, glass & ancillaries. Pricing and manufacture from one system is made easy.

Bar code tracking allows for controlled, paperless, monitored workflow through production facilities and beyond, whatever the size, with a full audit trail that is vital in today’s manufacturing environments.

Business Administrator offers a fully intergraded CRM solution to follow every aspect of your client/customer base and its related workflow, including a document management system.

Production Manager brings a simple, visual, drag and drop planning system that includes intuitive capacity planning tools.

Stock has been re-written from the ground up, this revised module allows for just in time stock management that integrates perfectly with bar code tracking.

Dashboards are the ultimate management tool, allowing you to drill down into various aspects of your data, analysing turn over, accessing costs and planning your company’s future has never been easier.

Window Designer for the Web brings window designer to your customer, allowing your customer to administer their own quotations and push orders to your main system, with hosted options available it couldn’t be simpler to free up your time and speed up your quotation and manufacture process.

Fengo, sees the benchmark lifted to an all new level. This multiplatform cloud based service enables the Window Designer Product range to go mobile. Survey, pricing, processing can all be done from a compatible Android or Apple handset, and with planned development to see additional rich features added, it really is the quantum leap the fenestration industry has been waiting for. With the ability to offer links to most accounting and ERP systems, the ability to offer custom web wizards for WD4web users web sites and machine/saw links written to suit. First Degree Systems offers the number one solution for the fenestration industry. First Degree Systems have continued to develop the ability of our software to drive and simplify both production and administration that insures a higher return and greater profitability on a customer’s investment.

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