Published On: Sun, Jun 8th, 2014

Guardian Roofs perform under pressure thanks to Sapa Profiles

B18The Guardian Warm Roof from Celuplast weighs the same as a conventional glass conservatory roof and can be installed on existing window frames, yet it transforms conservatory roofs into a solid, permanent roof. Using Sapa’s aluminium profiles, the roof can withstand extreme environments, including heavy snow loadings in the Scottish Highlands.

It is a common problem for conservatories to be sweltering in the summer months but freezing during the winter. The Guardian Warm Roof concept removes this problem completely by transforming glass roofs on conservatories into extension-like buildings.  The Guardian Warm Roof was first designed in Ireland in 1999 as an alternative to conventional conservatory roofs.  By fitting a Guardian Warm Roof to an existing conservatory, homeowners benefit from a room that can be enjoyed all year round.

When first designing the product, the main challenges were concerning weight and strength. Working closely with the Celuplast team, Sapa calculated all the I-values for the roof, which prevent the profiles from deflection when under weight.

Celuplast has been working with Sapa since the early design stages of Guardian Warm Roof. Managing Director of Guardian Warm Roof, Joe Kearney, comments “Sapa provided us with the expertise to succeed when we first set-up and has continued to support us as the company has grown.  With Sapa’s help, we were able to establish whether there was a viable market for the product as well as helping develop the product itself. I do not believe we would be where we are today without Sapa”.

Guardian Warm Roof continues to grow and in 2011, a network of fabricators was established across the UK servicing the window industry with the Warm Roof concept. Guardian Building Products was established in the UK two years ago, as the supply company to the network of Guardian Warm Roof Fabricators.

The Guardian Warm Roof web address is where a full list of fabricators is available.