Published On: Mon, Jun 17th, 2019

Jon Glenister 1972 – 2019

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our good friend, business partner and joint founder of Windows Active, Jon Glenister. Jon had put up a long and brave fight against cancer, but unfortunately succumbed on the 1st April, passing away peacefully with his wife and family at his side.

Jon had spent the majority of his working life in publishing, with the most part dedicated to the window industry. Starting out as an eager advertising sales executive on Window Industries magazine, Jon was a natural, combining his over-abundant social skills with his deep knowledge of printing he had honed from working in one of his father’s businesses. The window industry was the perfect environment for Jon to direct his talents, and over the years he developed many close working relationships. Jon was so much more that just an advertising salesman, something he would always remind us of, pointing out that he was more of ‘a marketing solutions facilitator’, which would often bring a smile to our faces!

He was right though, he was so much more than a salesman, and in 2005 he more than proved this when we decided to leave Window Industries along with Lucy and Corinne to set up Active Magazines and launch Windows Active magazine. His vision and knowledge were instrumental in our decision to all leave an organisation we had worked in for a number of years. His kindness and sincerity in business helped him develop some truly genuine friendships, no better illustrated than by his relationship with all those involved at our printers, the Welshpool Group.

A colourful character in many ways, Jon was an all-consuming individual, and there are many memories that will be locked in our minds for eternity. Working in such a sociable industry suited Jon perfectly where his true talents could shine. Industry exhibitions provided Jon with the perfect platform to demonstrate his charm and engaging personality. Entertaining clients was his forte and from the good old days of Glassex to the inaugural FIT Show, Jon was the perfect host. Even with the stand being taken down around him at the end of many an exhibition, Jon never wanted the party to end and would often be seen chatting away oblivious to colleagues’ eagerness to pack up and head home.

As a business partner, Jon was incredibly passionate about the success of Windows Active and would question most decisions in a logical and thoughtful manner. This passion was evident over the last few years. Having been diagnosed with cancer in late 2016, Jon was adamant he wanted to remain active in the business and the industry he loved. This was testament to Jon’s determination not to let his diagnosis hamper areas of his life that meant so much to him. In many ways this focus on work helped to ease the daily challenges he was facing.

We have lost far more than a business partner. Jon was a kind and engaging friend who will be sorely missed. The kind messages from many in the industry have pointed to the loss of a gentleman, with a kind heart who was a pleasure to be associated with. Our memories of him will live long in our hearts…RIP Jon.

John and Steve