Published On: Wed, Apr 22nd, 2020

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Differentiating with MACO’s Secure Plus

Don’t just offer your customers secure windows and doors when you can give them MACO Secure Plus window and doors

MACO Secure Plus continues to adapt and develop as we make further improvements to the benefits to the scheme, as well as, the marketing support available to our partners. We are now able to bespoke the MACO Secure Plus material to include our partner’s logos and information. The MACO Secure Plus brochures can even be bespoked further to include information on the installer, fabricator, and of course us, MACO. This helps strengthen the partnerships throughout the chain for the homeowners when buying their windows and doors, giving them even greater peace of mind.

Creation and adaptability within the artwork available extends to being able to create artwork for pull-ups around our key products such as A-TS automatic door lock (the only one that automatically throws all locking bolts including the deadbolt simply by closing the door shut) and the MKV Telescopic Shootbolt as some examples from our extensive product range for showrooms and offices. Further showroom support for MACO Secure Plus members still includes the MACO Secure Plus Care Kits, which provide the necessary cleaning agents for the profile, hardware and also a lubricant. The MACO Care Kits further encourage and support the need to maintain and clean the hardware at least once a year to prolong window and door life.

Differentiating and being able to offer something unique is of course and will continue to always be important. Alongside the benefits of MACO products with the unique quality, security and comfort benefits they have, we always look at ways to extend this further to our services such as MACO Secure Plus. One of the unique features of the MACO Secure plus scheme is that it protects the windows and doors for 10 years even if that property is sold within this 10-year time frame making windows and doors with MACO hardware an even more of an attractive offering.

As well as, this the key trio of benefits of the scheme are:

• We are so confident in the security performance of our hardware that we offer your customers up to £1000* in the unlikely event that a break-in occurs though the failure of the hardware.
• Every MACO Secure Plus installation is guaranteed against a break-in through the failure of the hardware for 10 years from the date of installation.
• All MACO products are also covered by our 10-year warranty giving your customers peace of mind on not only the security but also the high quality standard of MACO manufacturing

We always look for ways we can help and support our complete customer chain from fabricators, to installers and of course homeowners. MACO Secure Plus has benefits and marketing material that can support all of these and everyone in between. We are always working to improve and adapt the scheme year on year based on feedback from our partners and homeowners. Proof of this is moving the majority of the sign-up process all online whilst still having a postal system in place for those who prefer not to use the online system such as elderly homeowners. 

To sign up to MACO Secure Plus your Fabricator will need to be using MACO products and a registered member of the scheme. If you are a fabricator and use MACO products wanting to sign up to the scheme please also contact us on