Published On: Thu, May 10th, 2018

PatioMaster’s new website is designed to increase lead generation for its customers

PatioMaster, the nation’s favourite patio door brand, has just launched a new website. Carmen Velilla, Brand Manager of PatioMaster, said: “Our new website builds on everything that worked well from the previous site to deliver a new platform that is more engaging and informative. It is aimed at both trade and end users and its overarching aim is to increase lead generation for our customers.” The new site has a fresh, high quality, personable style that reflects PatioMaster’s brand personality. It has been designed to be easy to navigate, including the use of clearly defined calls to action at the end of each page that direct visitors to more information that may aid their decision-making process. A Door Builder platform allows homeowners to design their own door, a feature that will help them become much more engaged when on the site. A regular programme of content marketing, including case studies and blogs, will ensure traffic will be consistently driven to the site to boost visitor numbers and lead generation opportunities.

PatioMaster dealerships have been highlighted throughout the site to emphasise one of the brand’s USPs of the reassurance of a trusted major brand that still allows homeowners to support their local economy. The move will also mean it will be much easier for homeowners to find details of their nearest dealer and get in touch, something that will ensure PatioMaster customers are immediately connected with prospective customers. One of the biggest features of the new site is the Technical Hub. It’s a dedicated area for trade customers that contains valuable technical and marketing support in the form of wall charts, manuals, bulletins, brochures, renders, installation images and more. Unlike many similar hubs on trade websites, this one has been designed to be quick and easy to access and navigate.

Carmen concludes: “Quality, service and style are the three factors that define the PatioMaster experience and they’re the reasons why we’ve become one of the UK’s leading patio door manufacturers. They are factors that are reflected in our new website and I’m delighted it’s now live.”