Published On: Wed, Mar 23rd, 2016

Significant investments at Whiteline in new equipment and processes

Investment -mIt’s about time the industry moved on and removed feature groove welds from flat, white PVC-U windows? For innovative Sussex based fabricator Whiteline, the time is now. The team in Eastbourne are passionate about delivering high specification, high quality products to give their customers a real edge in the market. Now Whiteline is moving its activities up to a new level. They’ve invested a hefty £1.4 million in new equipment and processes to upgrade and improve their manufacturing capability, product quality and overall customer offering.

Ken Gray, Whiteline’s Deputy MD, explains how this new approach was rolled out. “We wanted to challenge outdated machinery and production processes and embrace fresh approaches. By investing in new bespoke equipment and adopting lean manufacturing techniques, used in industries such as automotive, we can achieve market leading construction, finish, production flow and efficiency. This delivers the consistent, best quality products our customers require.”

The first phase of the investment programme was a new £0.5million fully-automated Rotox sash line that produces a consistently finished sash every 70 seconds. The state-of-the-art CNC quad welder concentrates 270°C heat for more accurate, better quality welds, especially on foil finishes. The sash is cooled then cleaned, with a knifed process, to produce 2.5mm wide cleaned welds with unique, inner bevel pinch detail to just 0.2mm. Finally the beads are cut and fitted perfectly, first and every time. A brand new frame line was the second stage of installation, mirroring the qualities of the sash line, to create a new standard in finished sash & frame combinations. Further tooling, custom welding blocks, bar coding and control automation complete the full new line investment. All in all, more industry firsts for Whiteline, better products for their customers and no need whatsoever for hand finishing!

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