Published On: Mon, Mar 12th, 2018

Specialised celebrate 20 years in business

Long-term business partnerships are often the holy grail for successful companies, and when you reach a 20-year milestone it is cause for celebration. This year Specialised Conservatory Systems is celebrating 20 years in business as a fabricator of Ultraframe roof systems. Specialised has lived and breathed Ultraframe products since its formation by Dave Thomas back in 1997. You would be hard pushed to find a manufacturer of conservatory roofs that has more hands-on experience than Specialised has with Ultraframe’s range of innovative roofing solutions. Dave and his fellow directors Simon Bartlett and Karl Beard have a long history of working directly for Ultraframe. This experience has been invaluable over the years as Specialised has championed the innovative roof systems that Ultraframe have created.

Over the years Dave has seen the business evolve and today it is witnessing a very different market: “From the early days when we were fabricating two or three roofs a week to now where we are fabricating in excess of 40 large and more complex structures, we have always had an extremely customer-focused business. By partnering with Ultraframe we have been able to offer products that satisfy the needs of our customers. Ten years ago we saw a shift from polycarbonate to glass roofs, and today we are seeing another shift as customers are turning to solid roof alternatives. We are meeting this trend thanks to Ultraframe, this time supplying Ultraroof 380 and LivinRoof.”

The company now employs 14 people and offers its extensive range of conservatory roofs and orangery solutions nationwide. Key to its offering are the free surveys and on-site assistance it makes available to all customers. Dave believes this technical support is key to the company’s success over the last 20 years: “Combining the vast experience of myself, Karl and Simon, we can offer a comprehensive technical support function and this has underpinned the business from its conception 20 years ago. The main reason I set the business up was that I saw a lot of fabricators getting it wrong. So, I thought I could set up on my own with technical support from Ultraframe and financial know-how from my wife Denise. We have built on this, and today we offer installers an unrivalled product and customer service.” More complex and innovative designs and products have really opened up the conservatory market for Specialised. Dave and the team at Specialised are looking forward to continuing their long business relationship with Ultraframe, and this will be compounded by Dave’s belief that there is now a realisation that conservatory-based products can now offer a true extension solution.

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