Published On: Fri, Sep 19th, 2014

Swiftframe offers comprehensive range, precision-built by robots

Swiftframe OfferLeading PVC-U trade fabricator Swiftframe’s factory has been heralded as one of the greatest window and door production facilities of its time. The company was the pioneer of modern window and door manufacturing. Twenty years on, the fabricator, with 32 years of history making fenestration products, is still at the forefront of modern automised fabrication and its factory remains the envy of many.

Nowadays, the manufacturing facility built up by owner David Tunnicliffe and Managing Director Terry Rush is still the envy of many a trade fabricator. What makes it even more unique is the fully integrated production that runs right from extrusion through to the finished frame. What other fabricator can boast its own extrusion facility? With the tag line ‘Precision-built by Robots’, Swiftframe’s manufacturing facility is the closest you will get to car-manufacturing-style window fabrication. The company is now embarking on a drive to re-educate the market about the merits of the superior product and service it can offer to today’s installers and retailers. Heading this up is Sales Director Colin Cole, who is keen to open the doors of Swiftframe to a greater market: “For too long now Swiftframe has been very much a trade secret, only for the eyes of existing customers. But now we need to fling open the doors and shout from the rooftops about what an exceptional range of products we manufacture from the country’s most technologically advanced factory.”

‘Hand-built by robots, yet surprisingly affordable’, is a message that Swiftframe is keen to reinforce and broadcast to the market at large. The comprehensive range of chamfered and featured windows, along with the extensive selection of doors are manufactured to the highest tolerances. This focus on quality leads to an unrivalled world-class product range, but importantly, as Colin points out, the price is very competitive: “Historically, we could be accused of being at the higher end of the price bracket, but despite this not being a hindrance to our vast numbers of customers who appreciated our exceptional levels of quality and service, I think today’s Swiftframe is able to offer a more competitive product.”

Getting the Swiftframe name back into the minds of installers is paramount to the company’s future success. The dynamic nature of the window market means many installers may never have heard of Swiftframe, and for those that have, they may need reminding of the exceptional proposition offered. Colin and the team at Swiftframe would be delighted to hear from installers, specifically those in the southern regions, who would be interested in visiting the most advanced manufacturing plant in the UK to see what Swiftframe can offer them.

Colin Cole: 07733 101041