Published On: Tue, May 7th, 2019

Television advertisements to promote Fensa installers

Fensa, the UK’s original and most well-known certification scheme for the installation of replacement windows and doors, has launched its first ever TV ad to make homeowners aware of the importance of choosing a Fensa Approved Installation company so they can get a Fensa certificate when the job’s done.

The first of its kind – This is the first such campaign of its kind to hit the UK’s home improvement market. The TV ad launched on 5th March 2019 and will continue until the end of this year, broadcasting one simple and direct message: ‘Remember to ask for a Fensa certificate.’ Supporting the TV ad there will be extensive social media presence, online programmatic advertising, and a TV sponsorship package.

The difference FENSA makes – The TV ad highlights to homeowners the importance of appointing a Fensa Approved Installer to ensure their replacement windows and doors comply with building regulations, are energy efficient, and registered with their Local Council. When the work’s complete, homeowners will receive a Fensa certificate as ‘all the proof they need of a job done right’.

Nationwide coverage – The advertisement will be shown across the UK on a range of carefully targeted TV channels that will provide more than 190 million ‘impacts’, the number of unique viewings.

A clear objective – Anda Gregory, Managing Director of Fensa, says the campaign has the clear objective of increasing awareness of the Fensa brand. It will do this by reminding homeowners who need windows or doors replaced that only by appointing a Fensa Approved Installer will they receive a Fensa certificate when the work is complete. “As a result,” she explained, “this will drive homeowners to actively seek out Fensa Approved Installers to ensure the work is completed satisfactorily in addition to complying with building regulations.”

A message to installers too – The campaign will also increase the number of compliant installations, says Chris Beedel, Director of Membership at Fensa: “Fensa Approved Installers carry out nearly 600,000 window and door installations annually, representing about 80% of all installations carried out under competent person schemes. But that still leaves a significant number of installations for which no certification, customer assurance or consumer protection is provided. These homeowners must be protected and this campaign will ensure that many more will understand the risks of not appointing a Fensa Approved Installer to carry out the work. Implicit within the campaign is that for the homeowner to obtain a Fensa certificate, their windows and doors must be fitted by Fensa Approved Installers.”

The messages delivered by the TV, digital and social media campaigns will also be reinforced to the industry through trade media, PR, events such as the FIT Show, regional roadshows and presentations. An improved website, homeowner marketing packs and point-of-sale material for installers will also be available to supplement the campaign and help Fensa Approved Installers prove their professionalism.

A clear strategy to improve focus – The ‘All the proof you need’ campaign using the familiar yellow sticky notes is the first major outcome of a Strategic Business Review undertaken by Fensa and led by Anda Gregory following her appointment early in 2018. A five year strategy will also see improvements to processes, systems and infrastructure at Fensa including a significant increase in staffing, a focus on providing excellent customer service both to consumers and Approved Installers aided by sophisticated IT and telephone systems, and the creation of new business partnerships, such as a consumer finance partner, aimed at supporting installers.

“We are committed to making Fensa work better for its Approved Installers and, through them, to improve industry standards and reputations,” said Anda. “Extensive market research and attentive listening to homeowners and our installers is resulting in a Fensa that is now far more than a self-certification scheme.”

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