Published On: Sun, Jun 8th, 2014

Ultraframe launches clever lighting solution

LivinLightOne of the challenges for a retailer to overcome in any type of glazed roof extension is how to create ambient lighting.  The Ultraframe LivinRoom is the perfect housing for downlighters and indeed speakers but having the opportunity to hang a pendant light fitting from the ridge is now a reality thanks to another great innovation from Ultraframe.

The new insulated electrical housing system for lighting is called LivinLIGHT and brings total lighting flexibility to any glazed roof extension.  Traditionally, if a home owners wants to install a central light fitting then it has to be attached to the plastic ridge which in many instances looks awkward and out of place.  LivinLIGHT delivers absolute lighting flexibility to any glazed extension.

Commercial director Joe Martoccia explains why LivinLIGHT is an important component of the Loggia building system: “Reality is however thermally efficient and cosy we can make a space with beautiful columns and internal pelmets there is still one obstacle that this industry hasn’t yet been able to overcome – how do you effectively light a glazed space neatly and effectively?  Like all things Loggia, LivinLIGHT ensures that the design flexibility is built in – so it’s the home owners choice whether they want a pendant light, rail light or even a crystal chandelier, all we’ve done is develop the technology to enable personal choice and the ability to create that ‘real room’ feel.”

And it wouldn’t be Ultraframe if LivinLIGHT didn’t serve more than one purpose.  Not only does LivinLIGHT provide flexibility for lighting options it also assists in limiting heat loss from one of the most vulnerable parts of the roof.  Joe concludes: “LivinLIGHT is simple yet effective.  One of the drawbacks of a glazed extension is the limitation of lighting – but what we’re achieving for the retailer with all the Loggia components is the ability to provide a solution for what have traditionally been tricky to deal with issues – such as heating, lighting and looks – LivinLIGHT is just part of the Loggia solution. And an added bonus is that LivinLIGHT can be retro fitted to any conservatory roof and for that matter any conservatory roofing system.”