Published On: Thu, Jun 22nd, 2017

UltraRoof380 – “Effortless” according to the experts

When UltraRoof380 was launched the reaction from retail installers was tremendous.  Not only in response to the look of the UltraTile used on UltraRoof380 but to the ease of installation.  In this case study we hear from Tom Tonks of TT installations who describes his first UltraRoof380 installation as “effortless”. 

Tom Tonks explains the backdrop to this installation: “the couple had an existing conservatory with polycarbonate roof and were keen to find a solution that would deliver fantastic thermal performance but still keep the room light and airy,  so when they realised they could change the roof and retain the existing windows, they considered the UltraRoof380. Initially the couple were concerned about a solid roof and losing light into the conservatory.  Planning to use the extension as a meeting room for work, the couple were keen to find a solution that would deliver fantastic thermal performance but still keep the room light and airy.  Tom picks up the story: “to be honest before this installation we’d fitted an alternative non-Ultraframe system, but that’s not to say that system was easy to use.  The fitting of the other roof system could be challenging, the joints could be tricky to align correctly on site causing condensation further down the line, so we were keen to work with UltraRoof380 to deliver a ‘right first time’ build.”

UltraRoof380 is designed, like all Ultraframe roof systems, to not only be visually appealing both inside and out, but also to give the fitting team an efficient and fast build-up time, limiting the exposure time of the existing structure to the elements.  Tom picks up: “considering this was our first job it couldn’t have been any easier.  Unlike other systems, UltraRoof380 will only go together one-way, so there is absolutely no room for error.  We were so impressed by the quality, the speed and the finished result. For the couple that own the home, they were initially concerned about losing light into the extension, but the flexibility of UltraRoof380, allowing for the integration of large glass panels afforded the couple the luxury of both light and thermal performance.  The glass panels look absolutely stunning, really in keeping with the family’s beautiful home.  The couple plan to use the space as a meeting and function room for their business, there’s no question it’s a stark contrast to the conservatory that stood there before,” explains Tom.

Using UltraRoof380 grey UltraTile the roof blends seamlessly into the adjoining property and six months on from the build Tom is still keen to push UltraRoof380 over and above other solid roof systems as Tom concludes: “absolutely brilliant roof system.  It has all the hallmarks of an Ultraframe roof system – easy and fast to fit, guaranteed result and of course fantastic thermal performance.  Who needs to fit any other roof system?” Commenting on this installation Andrew Thomson, design and development director at UItraframe adds: “Tom’s installation illustrates the efficiency of UltraRoof380 perfectly.  As with all the roof systems from Ultraframe, our focus is on designing roofs that not only look and perform superbly well but meet the needs of the installer head-on in terms of speed and ease of installation.