Published On: Mon, Oct 4th, 2021

A brand that sells and is easy to install

Throughout very difficult times, Made for Trade has ensured product demand is met with Korniche and has actually grown its market share.

Over a full year living with the Covid-19 crises has been challenging for us all. However, it has also provided opportunity in the fenestration industry and for Made for Trade a period of reflection and planning, design and re-visiting plans for products.

Korniche has become a leading industry brand from a single product in relatively a very short space of time. The continued success of the Korniche Lantern is without doubt due to its engineering and design integrity and the feature benefits the product delivers both to the trade and homeowner. Early on in the progression of the Korniche Lantern, Made for Trade identified that the USP’s that are so familiar to so many now: Faster, Stronger, Warmer, Slimmer reached a huge appeal to both direct trade and retail. The importance of this was how Made for Trade’s marketing has enabled trade partners to have further reach and impact on their customer base allowing for greater sales opportunities

Multi-Award Winner – The Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern has been prolific at collecting awards in the last couple of years. The awards have meant some significance to its industry standing. The Charles Godfrey Award for Innovation reflecting design and engineering, the Conservatory & Orangery Award for its success and popularity within the industry and installers and finally the latest, a consumer industry award – Consecutive winner of the Homebuilding & Renovating Award for Best Rooflight Supplier, 2020 and 2021

The product speaks for itself, the engineering and design allowing those trades that embraced the Korniche Lantern easy and faster installations onsite. The more lanterns installed, the quicker and more efficient installers and builders become leading to some fantastic examples and feedback on social media and video channels advocating the product and Made for Trade service. This is also true for the homeowner, the appeal and aesthetics of the Korniche Lantern is proving to be a continuing success with those building flat roof extensions across the country and internationally. Sharing some amazing projects on Facebook and Instagram.

These substantial and permanent build projects are now outstripping and overtaking the once traditional choice of conservatories and even recent products as retro-fitted warm roof solutions as a way of extending homes. Made for Trade identified the potential growth in this market some years ago with the Korniche and began exhibiting at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows. Starting with small shell stands with product demonstrations quickly growing to larger constructed stand spaces with 4 glass panel, 2.5 by 3m Korniche Lanterns standing proudly on top of the stands showing the full potential of how a Korniche can make the difference to a home project.

The continuing pandemic has devastated the exhibition industry over the past 12 months with the fenestration industry showcase the FIT Show now being re-scheduled to May 2022 in an attempt to ensure it proceeds. Made for Trade have continued investing in the brand and product line with the view that when the FIT Show and Homebuilding Shows return Korniche will be a prominent part, not only with the Lantern but showcasing Korniche Bi-Folding Doors – a much anticipated addition to the brand.

The key aspects to take away from reading this is that Made for Trade have continued throughout very difficult times to not only ensure product demand is met with Korniche but actually grown its market share and helped secure product interest for resellers nationwide. Careful management of supply chains and delivery, and importantly maintaining a competitive market price point has meant no reduction in specifying Korniche.

What next.. Made for Trade have recently expanded the lantern fabrication. The MFT engineering department has been tasked to add new attributes to the lantern, broadening its appeal to the consumer and aimed at helping builders, installers and resellers improve sales and win projects. Any business involved with the flat roof extension market and the specifying of bi-folding doors will do well to add Korniche to its product offering. The continued investment and marketing of the brand in the consumer sector is making Korniche a highly successful and desirable building brand. The bonus for trades and businesses is emphatically you’re getting best of both worlds – an accessible brand that sells and is easy to install!