Published On: Tue, Feb 24th, 2015

A full range of bespoke accessories for Thermobar warm edge spacer

ThermobarThe Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer, manufactured by Thermoseal Group, is supplied with a full range of bespoke warm edge accessories. Since the introduction of Thermobar in 2010, Thermoseal Group’s innovation centre has been developing a full range of bespoke accessories. This has led to the expansion of the Group’s injection moulding division and the addition of many new products.

 Thermobar Corner Keys – Standard, Flexi Keys and Gas Keys – Standard Thermobar corner keys have been designed to fit perfectly with the Thermobar profile.  They are available to fit with all sizes and colours of Thermobar including: 7.5mm–19.5mm in black, white and grey.  There is also a 4mm corner key to fit with black Thermobar available in this size. Flexi keys are designed with a more flexible plastic to allow additional bend when used in shaped units. These are neutral in colour and available in sizes 7.5mm–19.5mm. Gas keys (with and without hole) are again colour-matched to the colours of Thermobar and available in 7.5mm- 19.5mm.

Thermobar Gas Fittings – A full range of Collars and Plugs – The Group offers a wide range of colour-matched gas plugs which are suitable for fitting into gas keys and/or gas collars. A suitable range of collars is also available.

Thermobar Straight Connectors – for joining spacer bar end to end – A new range of plastic connectors has recently been introduced to join Thermobar in a straight line. These connectors have been particularly popular with our customers purchasing our new warm edge bending machine which can bend spacer frames in less than 35 seconds.  Connectors are currently available in sizes 11.5mm-19.5mm.

Thermobar Duplex Fittings – to simulate traditional multi-pane windows – Thermobar duplex centres and edge keys have been designed to fit with standard Thermobar spacer bar to produce a multi-pane window view in a sealed unit without the requirement for purchasing additional Georgian bar. Duplex fittings are available in black, grey and neutral colours to fit with 11.5mm and 15.5mm Thermobar for 15mm and 18mm window sight view.

 NEW Thermobar Interbar and Fittings – to simulate traditional multi-pane windows – Thermobar Interbar with compatible centre and edge keys is a warm edge replacement for traditional aluminium solutions for a simulated multi-pane window. This bar, or the Thermobar duplex solution, is an ideal solution to avoiding u-value penalties for aluminium components as outlined in EN14351 guidelines. This is now available in black, grey and white.

Thermoseal Group’s Marketing Manager, Samantha Hill states: “We are continually looking to extend the range of compatible components available for Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer. The range available so far has been the direct result of feedback from our customers looking to use Thermobar in producing units to suit all the requirements of their customers.  Thermobar is currently the highest performance warm edge spacer bar available on the market with the widest range of bespoke accessories. We will continue to expand our range of products to support our customers.”

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