Published On: Tue, Jun 18th, 2024

Solidor launches smart handle technology

Mark Young of Solidor, explains why Solidor has launched its first smart handle and what this means for installers: “While people were initially resistant to smart home technology – arguing that it was expensive, difficult to install and didn’t add enough value to their daily lives to warrant the cost and installation time – it’s clear that opinions have changed. More than three-quarters of UK homes now contain some kind of smart technology.

As this technology has developed and become more accessible, it’s clear that smart home devices offer more than just convenience. Research shows that the appeal of enhanced security and safety has been a big driver of this trend. Combine this with some insurers incentivising homeowners to use smart home technology to lower their insurance premiums and it’s not surprising that we’re seeing such widespread adoption.

Solidor’s new smart handle offering

Installers will now be able to offer award-winning smart handle technology to their customers as part of our latest product launch.    

The Ultion Nuki Plus smart handle and BOLT lock has been added to the Solidor range to provide a smart home-compatible security option with complete flexibility on access methods. 

They can lock and unlock their door from their phone, using a Bluetooth key fob, a wireless keypad or fingerprint recognition, and can even set it to auto unlock as they arrive home. Whichever option they choose, there is also a physical key that can be used. 

Security that can be controlled from anywhere

There are many practical benefits to having different elements of your home connected to smart devices – one of those being the extra layer of control that it offers from a security perspective.

The easy-to-fit smart handle comes with integrated Wi-Fi so, once connected, homeowners can unlock their door from anywhere as well as pair the device with various smart home systems including the Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home. 

Using the Ultion Nuki Plus, people can manage access to their property via their preferred smart platform and no longer need to worry about lost keys or getting locked out. Electronic guest keys can also be sent via the app, allowing limited access when needed. As a smart lock that works with multi-point doors, the Ultion Nuki Plus and BOLT lock is the perfect product for Solidor. 

Installing smart handles

When it comes to installation, the electronic door lock is mounted on the door from the inside so there is no additional drilling or wiring required to fit the smart elements. 

It also comes with a rechargeable power pack and can be recharged in situ or by plugging a USB-C cable directly into the door, meaning homeowners are never without their smart handle. Even in the event of a powercut, the door can still be controlled by its usual methods or by key.

The Ultion Nuki Plus and BOLT lock is now available to be selected on the Solidor Door Designer.”