Published On: Wed, Feb 14th, 2024

Liniar creates a people-first culture

Liniar’s HR Director, Mary Fishwick, shares insights into the company’s approach to nurturing its greatest resource – its people

As Liniar breaks ground realising ambitious expansion plans, its Human Resources (HR) department continues to play an important role. HR Director, Mary Fishwick looks at the company’s approach to nurturing its valued employees.

Mary explains, “At Liniar we recognise attracting the right people is about more than filling positions – it’s about building a high performing team that drives business success. Having the right individuals in place enhances organisational culture, boosts performance, and ensures long-term sustainability.

“We also understand that taking care to develop processes which provide opportunities for professional growth, a safe, healthy working environment and stability all contribute to making a business attractive to potential employees. 

“As Liniar continues to grow, our commitment to achieving these benefits remains consistent, and is complemented by us continuously improving our capability to deliver them,” adds Mary.

Positive company culture

Liniar is dedicated to encouraging employee engagement, as this helps maintain a positive culture resulting in a much happier, diverse and inclusive high-performing team.

Mary says, “Our efforts to boost employee engagement are seeing fantastic outcomes, with team members expressing their constructive opinions and creative ideas related to both growth and improvement opportunities. For example, our 2023 employee engagement survey received an impressive 86% response rate compared with 42% in 2019. The impact of inclusive communication is partly reflected in our employee retention rates, with average service being 6 years.”

She continues, “Safety remains our number one operational priority, and we take great care to look after our team members and encourage them to look out for one another and embed safe working practices.

“For instance, autumn saw guest speakers on site as part of our 2023 Safety Day events with employees signing our pledge boards, which serve as a daily reminder regarding the importance of always putting safety first and looking out for each other as we go about our daily tasks. Reactions have been great, and we’ve received lots of feedback that the talks really provided food for thought.” 

Local employer

Local employment plays an important role in shaping a company’s connection to the community and contributes to the economic and social vitality of the region.

Mary discusses this point, noting, “With a team of approximately 600 members, Liniar not only offers robust employment prospects but also presents a diverse range of career pathways. 

“Our commitment extends to a proud tradition of providing apprenticeships and hands-on learning opportunities. We actively engage with local schools and colleges, collaborating with organisations like Building Our Skills to address the industry’s growing skills gap, making Fenestration and Glass & Glazing an attractive and rewarding career choice.”

Community engagement

Over the years, Liniar has established close partnerships with various charities, providing support for both local and national organisations. 

Mary explains, “Liniar’s commitment to ‘doing the right thing’ extends beyond the workplace, positively impacting the communities where our team members and their families live.

“We have supported local charities including Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People, Age UK Derby & Derbyshire, Salcare and Derbyshire WISH.  Not only have we helped with fund raising, but also donations of products and services, as well as essential items ranging from stationery to food items across numerous initiatives. 

She continues, “We also encourage and support individual team members pursuing their own charitable activities, fostering a culture of kindness and generosity.

Continued growth

Mary concludes, “Liniar has experienced remarkable growth since its modest beginnings as a family business, and these latest expansion plans that will see our Denby headquarters double in size mark yet another thrilling phase. 

“Despite our continuous evolution, we remain committed to maintaining a welcoming atmosphere, and being just as approachable now as on the day Liniar was founded.

“Our dedication to exceeding customer expectations, coupled with our ongoing commitment to ensuring the happiness, motivation, and safety of our team members, will persist well into the future.”