Published On: Tue, Nov 7th, 2023

Make the most of quick deliveries and flexible length options from Kestrel

Rising material prices and the high cost of living is having an impact on people right across the country – with fabricators and installers no exception.  Material prices are rising in every sector, with an overall 11% rise in construction material costs last year. These increased costs inevitably affect profit margins, with tradespeople having to decide whether to absorb the costs themselves, or pass them on to their customers and risk losing out on work. 

That’s why fabricators and installers need to do everything they can to protect themselves and their businesses, by choosing a supplier who can offer flexible solutions that help them reduce material costs and prevent wastage wherever possible.The company also offers a five-working-day lead time on all its sections, which means its customers don’t need to hold as much stock, freeing up working capital and allowing them to respond quickly to last-minute job requests.

Kestrel Aluminium Systems’ sections are available in many different lengths. As well as industry standard sizes, the company offers half and quarter-lengths, with up to six options to choose from on many sections. These options are available on Kestrel’s shopfronts, commercial doors, curtain-walling, windows and glazed roof products, as well as its standard sections.

Andrew Cross, Marketing Manager at Kestrel Aluminium Systems, explained: “Choosing a supplier that can be trusted to do what they say they will, and who can get products to site on time and in full, without delays, can make the difference between a successful project that leads to valuable future work, and a frustrated building owner who will not work with that installer again. 

“Our wide range of section lengths means our customers can order exactly what they need, minimising wastage and unnecessary time spent cutting to length and disposing of the unwanted aluminium – all of which takes time and costs money.”

Kestrel also offers free quotations and cutting lists with detailed drawings, cutting reports and glass sizes which, again, helps its customers minimise material wastage and only spend what they need to while preparing for each job. Kestrel Aluminium Systems has been supplying aluminium fenestration products for more than 30 years, and prides itself on its excellent customer service and reputation for high-quality, reliable products. For more information, visit or call 0121 333 3575.