Published On: Wed, Mar 6th, 2024

The value of Carl F Groupco’s bespoke hardware package service

When industry-leading fabricators and system houses choose to source their hardware components directly from Carl F Groupco, it demonstrates the strength of their offer and the willingness to go above and beyond to support its customers.  

This is the view of Julie Warner, Product Manager at Carl F Groupco who said: “Our bespoke hardware package service is just one of the many facets of working with us. Customers appreciate our value-added support, whether it’s profile-related components or mixed manufacturer parts to complete a window or door set. This service, particularly for profile system houses, reduces hardware picking requirements and streamlines their distribution.”

Carl F Groupco supplies Senior Architectural Systems, one of the largest and most respected aluminium fenestration systems companies in the UK, with many different bespoke kits. These range from small striker kits all the way to full panic door sets and stainless steel locking packages for its PURe® aluminium door range.  

Craig Turner, Purchasing Manager at Senior Architectural Systems, comments: “Items from Carl F Groupco can sometimes consist of multiple different components, which could mean we’d need two or three locations in our warehouse. This is where Carl F Groupco’s bespoke kitting service comes into its own. One box, one location. Simple.” 

He adds: “They don’t stop there, either. Each box is supplied labelled displaying our part number. This aids our internal stores department and has reduced our pick errors stats, ultimately helping us to deliver a better service to our customers.” 

Carl F Groupco’s technical capabilities add further value. Each item in the kit has been tested to PAS24 requirements and to the most extreme tolerances and maximum door heights to ensure complete compliance across the range, helping Senior Architectural Solutions ensure it can supply high-quality products that deliver on the most demanding performance and durability requirements. 

Senior Architectural Systems has been working with Carl F Groupco since 2015, and Craig values the independent hardware supplier’s approach. He says: “Month on month, year on year, our relationship has gone from strength to strength. Over the years we’ve thrown “grenades” – sorry, requests – in their general direction. Nothing’s ever been a proble

Owen Coop, Chief Executive Officer at Carl F Groupco, said: “Our approach is simple. We seek to provide our customers with the best hardware solutions and support to allow their businesses to flourish. In short, we’ll do anything and everything we can to make the hardware element of a job run smoothly. It’s great to see customers such as Senior Architectural Solutions benefiting from this.” 

Carl F Groupco is one of the industry’s longest-established hardware names. It operates nationally, including to the Scottish Highlands and offshore islands, from distribution centres in Peterborough and Cumbernauld. 

The company is renowned for its proactive approach that adds value to its customers businesses. It’s an approach that sets it apart – as the feedback from Senior Architectural Systems clearly demonstrates.