Published On: Fri, Jul 15th, 2016

New panoramic sliding door from Fenster Fabrications

PR159 - Uni_Slide Panoramic DoorBalancing stylish looks with robustness and versatility, Üni_Slide is the revolutionary new panoramic door system by respected fabricator Fenster Fabrications. Üni_Slide is an ultra-slim aluminium sliding door, equally suited to commercial and residential applications. Offering exceptional thermal efficiency, build quality, and desirable minimalist aesthetics, Üni_Slide can achieve frame sightlines as slim as 20mm, and a slim central interlock, while being able to support sliding panels of up to 3m high and 2.2m wide. The product can be assembled in a limitless run of units, with each panel capable of holding up to 320kg of glass.

Üni_Slide is brought to the market by Fenster’s managing director Tony Drake. An experienced glazing industry professional, Tony worked on the design for Üni_Slide while studying for an MSc in Façade Engineering at Bath University. “So many glazing products are just functional – they do the job well enough, but rarely excel at what they do,” commented Tony. “With Üni_Slide, we want to bring great design back into focus. From the outside, it’s blissfully simple – incredibly slim sightlines, elegant, minimalistic design. But behind that, we’ve put a huge amount of effort into making the best looking, best performing product in its class.”

“Above all, the modern consumer prizes quality. Homeowners are increasingly discerning – they’re not looking for cheap and cheerful anymore. They want something that looks stunning, that’s been carefully and elegantly designed, and, above all, that conveys quality.” “Üni_Slide is a fantastic way for installers to differentiate their offer, and make in-roads to the high end of the market. But that doesn’t mean it’s unaffordable – Üni_Slide comes much more competitively priced than similar products on the market, while delivering equal or better looks, design and performance.” Now, due to anticipated demand, Fenster is looking for partner organisations around the country to begin offering this revolutionary new offering. “We want to hear from businesses that appreciate excellent design, care about quality, and offer exceptional standards of customer service,” Tony continued. “If you think you fit the bill, don’t hesitate to contact us today, to learn how the sensational Üni_Slide brand can help you win more business.”

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