Published On: Wed, Nov 5th, 2014

Sales revolution at work at Everest

Everest has recently become forward thinkers in its attitude towards sales and has set a benchmark for recruitment in the sector

513V0186To date, Everest have helped over two million customers in the UK, the Isle of Man and Jersey to feel safer, more comfortable and happier in their homes with products that span the home improvement market including windows, doors, conservatories, roofline products, garage doors, security systems, timber windows, flat roofs and driveways. However, not only do we provide great products, we have recently become forward thinkers in our attitude towards sales and have set a new benchmark for recruitment in the home improvement industry. Our brand values have always been based upon developing professionalism in every way, but now we are focusing more and more on the very first point of contact with the customer. Our sales models have developed to value our sales consultants more than ever before, which have, in turn, increased the professionalism of service for the home-owning customer.

Rewards club for top performers

We’re really excited to have launched a new rewards club, the Platinum Club, for the top performers within their sales team. Designed to recognise and reward loyalty, skill and dedication to the home improvement industry, the Platinum Club will be available to anyone who delivers above a monthly sales target for over three months. Benefits include higher commission rates, priority invitations and a Platinum Club Care Package. The club serves as a means of rewarding our hard-working staff and keep morale high. We have taken numerous measures to increase the respect and value of Everest sales consultants. One of the first changes to enhance our sales model was to fully employ Everest sales managers as opposed to their previous self-employed status. Since sales consultants are the face of the company it only makes sense to make them a true part of Everest, and build relationships of mutual respect. Even more important, we want them to feel good about themselves and the position they hold within Everest. Our brand values become their brand values.

We are really proud of the recent launch of our Sales Academy in St Albans, which will serve as the nationwide hub for all sales training of over 1,200 employees. Our academy is designed to ensure that our staff are an extension of Everest and will be a focal point for Everest’s leading specialists to base themselves and implement their wisdom to every member of the extensive sales force. The hub provides a centralised place for staff to engage thoroughly with the range of products, in a showroom to provide real hands-on experience of Everest windows, conservatories and doors. The training academy will not only be confined to new people, but will be used by all of Everest’s staff for product launches or technical lectures.

The academy is unique in that, rather than a few one-off training days, attendees will now follow an extended programme of continuous training and follow-ups. This rigorous training is a highly important investment for the company, as it will ensure that all Everest consultants gain a developed knowledge of our core values and as a result feel valued. This will prove invaluable in increasing customer confidence at the first point of sale. Each Sales consultant will also have appointed locally based sales management teams with the simple remit of releasing the potential of those we choose to work with. These teams are formed of sales professionals who we have chosen to join our business specifically based on their experience and drive.

Thrive on new blood

We thrive on new blood but we’re not resting on our laurels. We are making significant investments in initiatives for our salesforce to ensure we give them something to be proud of and carve a new and exciting future for the company and our staff. Everest is on an exciting new journey of significant growth and we believe that innovation in our workforce is essential for us to move forward to greater success. We are seeking the best sales people in the home improvements sector to work for the best company in the industry.If this opportunity is of interest to you, please email Tom Devine, Sales Director, on