Published On: Wed, Jul 16th, 2014

SGG reduces external condensation, not performance, with Viewclear

ViewClear-Final-BgSaint-Gobain Glass has taken another major step forward in glass coating technology with the launch of SGGViewclear – offering strong anti-condensation protection and best in class WERS performance. SGGViewclear is an innovative coating deposited through state-of-the-art magnetron coating sputter technology. The coating is designed to keep the external glass pane temperature above the dew point, helping to prevent condensation from forming. The result is a high-performance glazing solution that maintains excellent visibility through the window by significantly reducing the number of days affected by condensation.

SGGViewclear has a unique position in the market having been designed so that fabricators and installers can sell the benefits of an anti-condensation solution but also maintain strong thermal performance. This is achieved by minimising the solar heat degradation arising from a coating on face 1 of the IGU.

Craig Dodsworth, Head of Marketing at Saint-Gobain Glass said: “As legislation has evolved, the demands on thermal performance of windows continues to increase. This, combined with innovations such as triple glazing, present the industry with a challenge – how to deliver windows with exceptional thermal performance without compromising the view – impacted by the build of condensation on the exterior pane of glass. Consumers are often frustrated by the lack of visibility which can occur during the spring and autumn months. Now with SGGViewclear, there is a unique solution.

SGGViewclear is positioned on the external surface of an insulating glass unit, either double or triple, where it can be combined with a high-performance SGGPlanitherm low-e coating to achieve superior thermal performance. As well as giving homeowners a clear view through their window, it also maximises the entry of natural daylight and solar heat gain with unrivalled neutrality in aesthetics. The product can be used in a wide range of domestic and commercial applications and is currently available in 4mm thickness, with thicker variants available on request.