Published On: Sun, Jun 8th, 2014

Sliding and gliding with the Dutemänn

Dutemänn has developed the new generation of sliding doors that boast industry-leading thermal insulation, smooth lift glide operation and impressive maximum height and width options

Glide image threeThe must-have door product over the last few years has been the bi-folding door. Fuelled by consumer demand and ignited by television programmes such as Grand Designs, the bi-fold has witnessed unprecedented success. Specialist aluminium door manufacturer Dutemänn has enjoyed the rise in popularity of the bi-fold and has successfully supplied its own product into the trade market. However, as Managing Director Martin James told Windows Active, the popularity of the bi-fold shouldn’t detract from the many merits of other sliding doors’ configurations: “There are two types of consumers in the marketplace, those that want a bi-folding door system to create an atmosphere which ‘brings the outside in’, and another that wants to admire a wonderful vista from the inside comfort of their own home.”

The next generation

Against this backdrop, Dutemänn have developed the new generation of sliding doors that boast industry-leading thermal insulation and a smooth lift and glide mechanism. But what makes the new Dutemänn Glide really stand out is its impressive maximum height and width options. “Glide was conceived and launched as the next generation of sliding doors with size and weight carrying capabilities and movement at the heart of its creation. With it, we have a door that can extend to 6.7 metres wide and 3.2 metres in height with just two panels,” explains Martin.

Dutemänn Glide is a system in which the moving sashes are mounted on a mechanism that elevates when opened and lowers on to the track when closed. So a fully closed door rests over lower weather seals improving the door’s weather tightness and acoustic insulation. The moving sash can also be lowered on to any place on the track – ideal for occasional ventilation. The possibility of large sash dimensions makes this system ideal for enclosing large spaces and guaranteeing internal luminosity without forgoing the maximum thermal and acoustic performance.

The Glide complements Dutemänn’s range of aluminium bi-folding doors, as Martin points out: “We supply numerous sets of 6-metre-wide bi-folding doors. Glide will not interfere with this market as it fulfils a different set of needs and desires. If you have a 6-metre opening with a bi-folding door you will end up with five mullions of 120mm wide; with Glide you would have just one at 110mm in width and a virtually unrestricted view. In addition, the Glide also offers fantastic energy performance as it features a perfect combination of a thermal-breaking zone coupled with cross-linked polyethylene. This can be further enhanced by the choice of double- or triple-glazed sealed units.”

Rising levels of enquiries

After its recent successful launch, levels of enquiries have been rising for the Glide and Martin is delighted with the early response. Door openings of over 3 metres are perfectly suited to the Glide and this is reflected in the type of enquiry Dutemänn is receiving. Martin explains: “Customers have been asking for quotes for a wide variation of sizes; the highest being 3 metres high and the widest being 6.7 metres for an 8-metre opening where the customer only wanted two panels. We also anticipate demand from installations in apartments where the doors will open out on to a balcony, an area traditionally not suited for bi-fold doors.” With nationwide delivery, a lead time of 4 weeks and the choice of a wide range of colours – including grey, black and white ex-stock, the Dutemänn Glide proves that the sliding door is more than a match for its multiple-folding counterparts.

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