Published On: Mon, Jan 28th, 2019

After the relaunch of the Planitherm Network, KJM Group is enjoying a ‘quiet success’

Eight months after the relaunch of the Planitherm Network by Saint-Gobain Building Glass, one installer in particular is enjoying a “quiet success”. The Planitherm Network is designed to help fabricators and installers to win more business by upselling to homeowners based on the comfort benefits of different types of Planitherm glass such as enhanced security, reduced overheating, noise reduction, energy efficiency and furniture fade protection.

Mark Pearce, managing director at KJM Group said: “I was really impressed with the marketing material and website available to Planitherm Network members and it has helped me to explain the benefits of the different types of glass to my customers in plain English. One recent example has been a customer who lives on a busy road and on the Heathrow flight path, so noise was a big problem.

“We were contacted to provide a quotation for secondary glazing for the main bedrooms via email. A price was sent for 8.8mm SGG acoustic secondary glazing plus a quotation for one small new primary window with Comfort Plus glass. This was duly accepted, and a survey arranged. Whilst there we advised that the existing windows were in poor condition as they were leaking sound and air. The secondary was installed, and an order placed for new primary windows with Comfort Plus glass. These have been installed and the outcome beyond the customer’s belief. They have since placed an order for more windows with Comfort Plus.  Silence is golden!”

Kirsty Pamment, Market Manager – Residential, Saint-Gobain Building Glass UK & Ireland, said: “The Planitherm range is now available in three options: Energy Standard for maximum energy efficiency; Comfort, which also offers enhanced security, noise reduction and furniture fade protection; and Comfort Plus for all these benefits plus solar control for sunny rooms. It’s all about using language that the consumer will understand so that they choose the right option for them.  The three-option range simplifies the conversations yet highlights the fact that choosing the right type of glass will have a huge impact on the performance of your windows. 

“A key benefit of the Planitherm Network is the wealth of information on the website and access to sales and marketing tools to help fabricators and installers to start having different conversations with their customers and choose the right glass to meet their changing needs.”

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