Published On: Thu, Nov 2nd, 2017

Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions celebrate best ever month

Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions is celebrating its best month ever for sales of its industry-leading lantern roofs, rooflights and Skyroom mock orangery system. Still the fastest growing glazed roof manufacturer in the industry, Atlas has just announced that its greatest month on record pulled in 40% more sales compared to the same period last year.

Demand for the Atlas range of clean, minimalistic products has been rising rapidly as the market becomes increasingly aware of its superior features and the high profit margins it delivers. And after this record-breaking month, Atlas is now well on course to smash more sales records before the end of the year.

Gareth Thomas, Sales and Marketing Director at Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions, explains: “It’s been a fantastic period for the business and we are absolutely delighted with this record performance which shows that we know a thing or two about glazed roofing!

“There are lots of glazed roofing products on the market but the Atlas roof system still remains the best out there. It’s gained an envied reputation for being the strongest, best looking and most thermally efficient roof available and a growing number of homeowners are asking for an Atlas roof by name, which is a fantastic affirmation of our brand.

“Escalating consumer demand has led to our record-breaking month and affirms our position as a major player in the industry. We are focused on the needs of our customers and we’re incredibly proud to have created a very elite, and rapidly growing, network of Atlas installers who’ve seen their sales rocket with Atlas. This exciting  brand gives them everything they need to stand out in the market and win lucrative business.


“We talk installer language and we know that a huge advantage for installers, is what these products can do for their profitability. Combining all the looks and performance that homeowner’s desire with the ease of installation that installers demand, means that our range delivers a far greater profit margin than its rivals. In such a competitive industry, we bring an exciting new source of revenue for installers, helping them to win longer term, lucrative business.

“As soon as a customer sees an Atlas product, they’re impressed with its unique modern appearance and very slim sightlines which really set it apart from its rivals. With a 70% slimmer profile than other systems, no chunky boss or hood and no low rod bar, it’s easy to see why our glazed roofing products are a dream to sell.”

Atlas has created a comprehensive marketing support package, which helps installers to promote and sell to customers. It includes brochures, which can be personalised with the installer’s logo and company details, digital marketing support, direct mail and advertising templates, retail leaflets and showroom display graphics.

The experienced marketing team at Atlas is also on hand to guide installers through their marketing and to develop a tailored programme to help them sell the range of Atlas products.

For further information on the Atlas range of glazed roofing products, please contact Atlas on 02838 327741 or visit