Published On: Tue, Jul 24th, 2018

BBA scheme delivers hassle-free approval for window & door fabricators

Fabricators of PVC-U windows and doors can save time and money getting their products certified thanks to a user-friendly initiative from the UK’s leading construction products certification body. The British Board of Agrément (BBA) has launched an initiative to encourage more fabricators to have their window and door systems approved, delivering compliance with all relevant Building Regulations and meeting NHBC requirements. The all-in-one certification process allows fabricators to quickly, easily and cost-effectively gain BBA Approval when using any of the 12 system suppliers already holding BBA approval. Data from these window and door manufacturers can be used for fabricators’ certificates without the need for further testing. All that’s required is for the BBA to carry out an inspection visit to the fabricator to confirm factory production control and quality. BBA Fenestration spokesman Luke Adams said: “This initiative is of real benefit to fabricators who wish to gain a worthwhile and widely accepted accreditation for their products. The window and door system suppliers have done all the hard work in getting their products BBA approved; fabricators simply need to apply for certification, pass a facility inspection by BBA assessors and pay a small fee in order to benefit from the BBA stamp of approval, which is recognised by the NHBC, Building Control, insurers, central and local government procurement, architects, specifiers and homeowners.”

BBA Agrément certificates are widely accepted as demonstrating the quality, safety and full regulatory compliance of building products. For windows and doors the certificates assess thermal performance, weathertightness, security, ventilation, durability, operation, installation, maintenance etc. Fabricators holding BBA accreditation can apply for Secured by Design registration using their BBA certificate provided the system has an Enhanced Security Product Sheet (ES sheet) included within the scope of the certificate.

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