Published On: Wed, Dec 13th, 2017

Camden invests in recycling and manufacturing quality products

uPVC recycling in 2016 has reportedly reached a new high with 120,392 tonnes being diverted from landfill. Camden Group are a huge contributor to this. An Eco-friendly company, they produce their very own profile system called the “Inliten” profile system which is used in all products and contains 80% recycled content. Camden Group, established in 1983, are a family owned company and are the largest trade frame manufacturer in the UK and Ireland and the only window company in UK and Ireland with full onsite recycling, extrusion, design, production and logistics facilities. Camden offer a wide selection of windows and doors including composite, patio and panel doors. Each door is manufactured to the customers own specific needs allowing them to choose from an array of styles, colours and accessories. All this is possible because of Camden Group’s investment in the latest recycling and manufacturing technology. Recycling is at the forefront of the Camden business with their very own extrusion and recycling factory on site, they have reduced waste to landfill by up to 160 tonnes per week.

What does Camden Group recycle and where does it come from?

Camden recycle as much as possible. We recycle uPVC to create 80% of our unique profile. This uPVC is brought to the company through various methods including partnerships made with other companies to use their excess, unused materials.

What can Camden Group not recycle?

Although we try to recycle as much as possible, we cannot use the rubber, metals etc. that would be used in uPVC products such as windows.

What does Camden Group do with the materials they cannot recycle?

With the materials that cannot be recycled they are distributed to companies that can use it. For example, the rubber found in old windows is used by a local company to make cow mats and also used by for flooring in equestrian arenas. This allows Camden to extend their commitment to the environment and help other companies to do the same.

What does this mean for the Camden customers? 

This means the product the Camden customer is receiving is environmentally friendly containing 80% recycled content. However, the remaining 20% is the external face which is created with virgin uPVC.  Even though Camden products are manufactured with 80% recycled material they are still produced for longevity, maximum design impact and of course, strength and security.