Published On: Fri, Sep 16th, 2022

Caribbean Blinds expands factory by 10,000ft2 to increase manufacturing capability

Leading manufacturer of external shading systems, Caribbean Blinds, has increased its factory space to a combined floor space of 30,000ft2 – dedicated to the manufacture of luxury external shading systems

The state of the art 10,000ft2 extension will be used for storage and the cutting of all product profiles; aluminium extrusions and steel tubes, leaving the existing section of the factory purely for producing the end product and will mean they have a capacity to produce in excess of 10,000 external shading systems every year!

The combination of higher stock levels along with additional production stations will result in significantly shorter manufacture times, ideal for the summer months when lead time is key. Great news for dealers who will inevitably sign off increased numbers of orders!

Stuart Dantzic, Managing Director of Caribbean Blinds explained: “We have experienced a significant demand for external shading for a number of reasons; the ‘holiday at home ‘culture that the UK has experienced as a result of the pandemic, the much hotter weather due to a warming climate that UK homes just can’t cope with without external shading, and now the introduction of Part O of the Building Regulations (15th June) to prevent overheating in new homes caused by modern ‘glass box’ building design, with high levels of wall insulation.

The new extension will enable us to hold higher levels of stock (£1.5m+ at any one time) and help to avoid potential delays in ‘top up’ stock due to continued supply chain issues caused by the increased demand across the whole home improvement sector. We will be able to manufacture orders as soon as they are placed, no waiting for parts! 

Furthermore bigger shipments from our extruders will help to avoid rising costs thanks to greater economies of scale i.e. larger single shipments and of course, this is more environmentally friendly.”

The extension is in its final stages of being completed in time for the official opening on Monday 3rd October. Caribbean Blinds is currently recruiting for an additional six members to join the team!