Published On: Thu, Jan 8th, 2015

The conservatory market is still alive and kicking

Long Live the Conservatory!While there are considerable column inches dedicated to the latest tiled GardenRooms in the media, including their own impressive engineered offering, Prefix Systems firmly believe that the conservatory market is still alive and kicking. As the UK’s largest independent roof fabricator, they are also in a good position to pass expert comment.

It’s accepted that the market is a third of what it once was, with around 100,000 installations each year and now polycarbonate has been replaced by glass as the roofing material of choice. The specification of conservatories has also changed with new and exciting foiled finishes such as Chartwell (Sage) Green, Grey and Irish Oak, while bi-folding doors are being increasingly incorporated into final designs.

Consumers are becoming ever more conscious of the lack of space in the typical UK house and are not necessarily just requesting a standard conservatory, but a glazed extension which opens up further opportunities for new colours and designs. There still remains a strong demand for a stylish conservatory with desirable options such as Cornice and LivinRoom gaining popularity. Integration of decorative pilasters and couplers have also led to greatly improved lateral structural performance of the supporting side frames and allowed more complex and varied design options, as well as providing superior aesthetics over a standard corner post.

The conservatory market grew on the back of the 3×3 Victorian and Lean-to designs, incorporating products such as Ultralite 500 and now these generic types are far less common. Consumers are now more informed than ever when it comes to investing in a new glazed extension with all the relevant research available on the internet, indeed some consumers are second or even third time buyers and keen to ensure their next purchase improves on what has gone before.  The market has also changed with the importance of effective customer support, BBA Certification and product development now more important than ever.

Prefix Systems have continually evolved and the company has in recent years added their own range of ancillaries including Multibeam and Retrofix, along with a full suite of aluminium windows and doors, aluminium bi-folding doors, Residence 9 window and more recently the Clearview glazed rooflight for flat roof installations, which is due for launch in Q1 2015.

For a free copy of their new trade brochure, contact the sales office on 01254 871800, e-mail or add to their considerable following on Twitter @prefixsystems.