Published On: Fri, Jul 25th, 2014

Deceuninck fabricators say ‘Why Deceuninck’ on camera

Deceuninck's customer videos explain 'Why Deceuninck'Over the past few months Deceuninck has been asking long-standing and new customers ‘Why Deceuninck?’ The series of customer testimonial videos describe the difference Deceuninck makes to their business.

Steve and Linda Witczak from Connaught Windows, Shirley Peake and Richard Hammond from Cutting Edge and Gary Grundy from Novaseal are three who explain how Deceuninck gives them a powerful sales advantage in the market and helps them stay ahead.

For Steve Witczak, it’s because Deceuninck listens and is quick to respond. SynergeBuild, for example, Deceuninck’s online ordering system, is a great advantage for Connaught because it’s convenient and limits mistakes. As Steve explains, SynergeBuild tells you “what you can have, when you can have it, any time, night or day. You can see what Deceuninck has in stock and put your name on it down to a single length of a particular stick of coloured profile”.

“Deceuninck is a real partner supplier. They help our business”. That’s what Gary Grundy says. Deceuninck’s consistently reliable service and great quality products are among the other reasons Novaseal has been a loyal Deceuninck customer for 10 years.

Colour sets Cutting Edge apart from competitors and Deceuninck’s choice of 18 colour ways from stock really impresses their installer customers. Richard Hammond and Shirley Peake also love Deceuninck’s marketing support and the bespoke literature options installers can use to boost sales.

Deceuninck Sales Director Rob McGlennon adds: “We wanted to find a different way of telling our customers’ stories and these short testimonial videos are a great way of doing that. See the videos on our website:”.

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