Published On: Wed, Jul 29th, 2015

Doorco boosts its online presence

DOORCO WebsiteFast-growing composite door manufacturer Doorco has now launched its eagerly awaited new website and upgraded its linked online ordering system. The combined website and ordering system provides the company’s resellers with an important resource through which to increase sales. It is a further indication of the company’s commitment to continually improving customer service.

Creating the new website was a lengthy process, due to Doorco’s continuous expansion of its product range with new styles and choices which were added throughout the website design process. The end result however is an exceptionally clear, bright and modern site and its simplicity encourage the user to delve deeper and explore more options. The News and Build Check Calculator are two other site facilities designed to provide support for Doorco customers. The site is designed to provide a simple and effective ordering system for the company’s Prepped Slab trade customers whilst also providing them with a tool that helps to steer their homeowner customers through the design and selection process. Every one of Doorco’s door ranges is featured using high quality professional images, together with style and colour options. The images used are also available for Doorco customers to use in their own marketing.

“Doorco nominated The Consultancy as our website partners and we are delighted with the first version produced by their team,” said Doorco’s Dan Sullivan. “There are a lot more ideas and development points that the Consultancy has suggested, so there will be a programme of advancement of the site over the next few months with their help. Our customers have told us that our ordering system is one of the best on the market,” added Dan, “so the emphasis was on improvement using the advice that they gave to us, such as fewer clicks to complete the order. Now every one of our customers places their orders with us this way and the need for manual forms has all but vanished.” See the Doorco web site and Online Ordering System at