Published On: Thu, Oct 15th, 2015

Easyfit Conservatory Roofs thriving 10 years after management buy-out

aztec easyfitOffering an innovative service has enabled a management buy-out team to prosper to the extent of now celebrating its 10th anniversary. Easyfit Conservatory Roofs in Kings Lynn was founded by Stuart Bunn and Stuart Nicholls a decade ago, when they bought out the conservatory side of a window and conservatory business for which Stuart Nicholls was factory supervisor. Its specialisation in elevated aluminium box gutters and complex conservatory roofs, and unique service, has seen business grow four-fold.

“If a job is too big to transport in one piece, we will go to site to finish fabrication, or weld the box sections there. No-one else in the region can offer that. That service, and the ease with which even complex roofs can be erected because of the system we use, is proving to be an invaluable service for our customers. It has ensured we didn’t just weather the recession, but have now expanded into premises twice the size of what we had,” says director Stuart Bunn.

Easyfit uses the Aztec conservatory roof system. “We have used Aztec from the outset,” adds Huggy. “It lends itself perfectly to the complex structures we have built our reputation on. Our customers find it so easy to install on site, no matter how big or awkward the job.”

The Aztec system was developed by conservatory installers to overcome the common issues faced in fabrication and fitting; as a result, the roof is simpler and faster to create and build- independent testing shows a 30% saving in time in the factory, and on site.

As well as offering a roof with a raft of unique features, Aztec offers its fabricators unique benefits- including guaranteed areas of work without competition and no business taken direct. As a result, Aztec ( is now the leading independent conservatory roof systems company.