Published On: Mon, Jun 18th, 2018

Euroseal to take on additional 5,000 sq ft of space to meet demand

Specialist extruder, Euroseal has added an additional 5,000 sq ft of new warehousing and storage space to its Birmingham operation.  The investment comes as Euroseal builds additional capacity into its operation following a series of significant new business wins. This has included more than £2m of new contracts agreed at the start of the year. 

“We’re seeing increased demand from a number of different sectors, as companies bring on new products or seek to bring on additional capacity without capital investment cost”, said Chris Byers, Managing Director, Extrudaseal.

He continued: “We put in place a programme of investment from the mid-point of last year to build in increased capacity within our own operation. 

“We’ve continued that into this year with the addition of a new unit and 5,000 sq ft of new storage space and warehousing, to ensure that our own growth remains sustainable.” 

Euroseal offers a complete extrusion service, from initial concept to delivery. This includes, design and CAD creation and manufacture of tooling, to extrusion, quality control, personalization and packaging, plus shipment either for own distribution or direct to customers. It also offers financial support to its customers to invest in tooling on larger volume runs.

In addition to the new warehousing space added to its operation this year, Euroseal’s investment programme has included  as six-figure spend on  a new twin-screw extrusion line, mezzanine floor and the construction of a new tooling design workshop and servicing facility. 

Euroseal’s fifth twin screw line – and with a further four single screw lines, it’s ninth in total – the investment gives specialist extruder a high level of service and product flexibility. 

“We deliver capacity at times when our customers are seeing rapid growth, or when market conditions are less favourable and capital spend on in-house capacity is more difficult to justify”, continued Byers. 

“In using us, our customers can bring new product to market more quickly either by extruding it through us or by shifting-out part of their pre-existing production to us to release capacity on their own lines without major investment costs. 

“We provide a complete audit trail for every profile we extrude. This includes printing bar length every 0.5m with the date, time, the machine it was extruded on and by which operative – everything is auditable and transparent.

“It’s about genuine partnership”, he added.