Published On: Tue, Jun 4th, 2024

Explosive growth and innovation

In a remarkable display of commitment to expansion and cutting-edge innovation, Windowmaker Software has experienced unprecedented growth within the UK market over the last 12 months. Having added 6 new team members to its UK-based team, the company’s dedicated investment and focus on the UK market is undeniable.

Diego Cardenas Ibanez, Windowmaker Software’s Global Marketing Manager, shed light on this recent surge, stating, “At the numerous global trade shows we participated in this year it was evident that our solution resonates exceptionally well within the UK market. This growth aligns perfectly with the launch of our Cloud and WEB solutions, meeting the clear demand in the UK for a trusted market player offering innovative solutions.”

This remarkable growth trajectory speaks volumes about Windowmaker’s steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional service and support to its UK customers. By significantly expanding its UK team, Windowmaker is strategically positioned to address the unique needs and requirements of the UK market. 

Key to Windowmaker’s growth within the UK is its subscription-based cloud offering, which has garnered significant traction across businesses of all sizes. Tailored to three products – Sales, Essentials, and Professional – Windowmaker’s cloud solutions cater precisely to the varying needs of window dealers, resellers, and manufacturers. Each subscription tier offers a curated suite of features designed to seamlessly scale alongside businesses as they evolve and expand.

Further cementing its dedication to innovation is Windowmaker’s recent introduction of Windowmaker Web – a browser-native solution poised to revolutionize operations within the window industry. With its intuitive interface, user-friendly design, and seamless integration with the powerful Windowmaker SQL engine, Windowmaker Web empowers businesses to access their software from anywhere, on any device. This browser-native approach perfectly aligns with Windowmaker’s growth strategy in the UK, offering businesses unparalleled flexibility and accessibility. As Windowmaker Software continues to expand its presence within the UK market, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering value, fostering innovation, and surpassing customer expectations. With its subscription-based cloud offerings, groundbreaking Windowmaker Web platform, and dedicated UK-based team, Windowmaker is ready to help window and door businesses across the UK.

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