Published On: Wed, Feb 14th, 2024

Glazing industry overlooked again with Future Homes Standard

The government has announced the proposed details of its Future Homes Standard. Edgetech’s Chris Alderson responds.

With the Future Homes Standard, the glazing industry has yet again been overlooked.

Like many in the sector, we expected it to recommend high-performance triple glazing to help drastically improve thermal efficiency.

In fact, in the government’s 36,000-word consultation document, released on December 13th, glazing is mentioned a grand total of three times.

The proposals make no change to required U-Values or minimum fabric standards. Instead, they focus on heat pumps, airtightness and solar panels.

Far from representing a step-change in building performance, the suggested requirements are lower than some homes are being built to now.

Rather than improving energy efficiency, and thereby reducing total energy consumption, the focus is on rapidly decarbonising the energy we use.

Who knows how long that will take – and the country will surely be left struggling with supply challenges for heat pumps and solar panels.

At Edgetech, we feel this is a colossal missed opportunity to make Britain’s buildings better, and pave the way to a net zero future.

As many of you will know, our intention had been to hold an event in March 2024 to discuss the impact of the Future Homes Standard. We asked our customers whether they thought the time was right for a second Triple Glazing Question, and the answer was a resounding yes.

The day would have explored what part triple glazing could play in achieving Britain’s net zero objectives.

However, in light of this announcement, which indicates glazing has no place in the government’s plans, we have decided to postpone the event.

We are sceptical whether the measures will achieve the required 75-80% reduction in emissions, and think it’s possible the subject will be revisited.

If and when that happens, we will reschedule the event, and help the industry adapt to this unpredictable and rapidly changing situation.