Published On: Wed, May 5th, 2021

Granada Secondary Glazing targets ‘Northern powerhouse’ cities

Significant inward investment into newbuilding and regeneration projects in the North West is driving demand for specific solutions that can keep all types of buildings quieter and warmer, according to Mike Latham from Commercial Sales at Granada Secondary Glazing.

The North West in particular, led by the influential ‘Northern powerhouse’ cities of Manchester and Liverpool, has seen construction output running at ten times the national average, making it one of the busiest regions in Europe. As specialists in insulating the UK’s listed and conservation-controlled building stock we bring an extremely high level of expertise to the table working with the region’s architects and specifiers to bring both older and newer buildings up to date from a thermal and acoustic performance perspective.

Based in the north, we are ideally located and experienced in supplying secondary glazing to these areas, as well as throughout the UK, offering a full turn key solution from early-stage design through to sign-off on all sizes of projects. Secondary glazing is the proven cost-effective, efficient and discreet solution to cure issues with external noise, thermal efficiency and enhance security in buildings of all ages. When correctly installed, secondary glazing can make buildings 80% quieter by reducing noise levels up to 54dB.

Secondary glazing is preferred option for heritage and listed buildings – Where single glazed primary windows are retained – especially in heritage and listed buildings for aesthetic or planning requirements – secondary glazing is frequently the preferred option to create a warmer, quieter and more secure environment. Slimline aluminium frames are virtually invisible, maintaining a building’s charm and character while bringing the glazing system up to modern-day performance standards. This is a crucial consideration for cities, such as Manchester and Liverpool, where rising numbers of their prominent properties are being given new ‘second lives’ in city centre regeneration projects that are successfully driving economic growth.

Considered the ‘Capital of the North’, Manchester is at the heart of a huge number of regeneration schemes. The city centre, along with Salford, are innovative hubs for corporate, creative, retail, leisure and hospitality businesses, many of them based in converted buildings requiring specialist solutions to treat issues with external noise and boost thermal performance. Similarly, Liverpool has experienced much regeneration over the last decade prompting more and investors to shift their traditional bases from the south to this vibrant city. Outside of London, Liverpool has the highest number of listed buildings in England and these beautiful buildings are being creatively restored to capture the essence of the original designs.

Secondary glazing addresses noise, thermal and security issues – The unique capability of quality secondary glazing to solve specific issues – be they acoustic, thermal or security – with a discreet, yet practical and user-friendly solution – enables the retention of original glazing and a property’s essential character. Addressing thermal issues by improving insulation and reducing heat loss helps to lower energy bills and a building’s carbon footprint.

Extra insulation provided by secondary glazing can eliminate draughts and heat loss by up to 65%, while the robust aluminium frames securely fixed internally enhance security by deterring unwanted intrusion. In both Liverpool and Manchester, our Granada Glazing teams are busy collaborating with architects and clients on a variety of regeneration and refurbishment schemes, from boutique hotels to student accommodation, that will deliver a more comfortable and quieter experience for guests and students alike. For example, in Liverpool we are working on a 1970s hotel with newer windows, which although deliver better thermal performance are not up to modern acoustic standards. With our secondary glazing installed, the acoustic performance is improved to the necessary requirements of a high-end city centre hotel. Happy patrons are then guaranteed a quieter and better night’s sleep. Granada Glazing partners with architects and specifiers on the design, manufacture and supply of high quality commercial secondary glazing for all sectors and building types, in the North West and across the UK.

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