Published On: Fri, Sep 11th, 2015

In its 35th anniversary year, Everglade has launched its new branding

Everglade Leadership TeamIn its 35th anniversary year, top London window and door fabricator Everglade, has launched its new stunning new branding.

The driving force behind the new brand is Marketing Director Reena Gjoci: “We’ve evolved over the last 35 years into a highly respected, forward thinking manufacturer. We’re a trend setter not a follower. We have kept ahead by continually investing in bringing new products to market to give customers the latest technology in windows and doors. The new logo and colours reflect what Everglade does today. It’s fresh, precise and modern.”

One thing that’s always set Everglade apart from other companies is the way it looks after customers. “We’re a family and our customers are treated like guests. We make sure they have the best support, whether it’s a friendly voice on the end of the phone with the information they need, or access to the latest changes in legislation, we cover all of it, and everything in between. Our annual customer conferences are legendary,” adds Reena.

Reena is part of the leadership team, a group of four talented leaders linked by the founding directors. Between them they have already clocked up over 30 years’ experience at Everglade. There are few companies in the UK, let alone the industry that have such breadth of talent within a group of young people. One of the first projects the team worked on was highly successful and outstanding branding of aïr, high performance aluminium bi-fold and lift & slide doors. Delivering these high quality products through the aïr showed the team’s commitment to delivering exciting and exclusive products to Everglade.

“Everglade has a successful 35 year history so we didn’t start with a blank piece of paper. We had to think about the ethos behind the business and our heritage. We’re firmly rooted in the capital and our brand values reflect this by the tagline ‘Made in London’. But it’s not about being red-white-and-blue, it’s about the capital as a modern, vibrant, culturally inclusive city.

“Encapsulating everything we wanted to say into our logo was hard. But we think that the new classic colours of fig and different hues of grey combined with a modern font works really well. We love the new type and the less formal use of all lower case letters in the name.

“Expect to see more of our branding as we reveal a fantastic new website, brochures and adverts over the next few months. And expect to see a lot more of Yogesh, Jay, Jayesh and me.”