Published On: Thu, Feb 11th, 2021

Maco hardware part of passive home worthy of grand design status

A full range of MACO window and door hardware has been fitted to complete solutions on this exciting and simply stunning Passive house. The home and separate office block sit at the bottom of a small wooded valley nestled to the Mendip hills on one side and a stream on the other, the designer, Luca Biselli came up with concepts of Flower, Leaf, Water and Wood to interpret and compliment the surrounding area. With wood finally becoming being the main design criteria. The completed house is a certified Passive house and is designed to look like two sawn logs one on top of the other, manufactured from timber frame on insulated raft foundation and timber clad in Canadian Western Red Cedar.

Passive Houses, at their core is a building design code ensuring a comfortable internal temperature throughout the year, achieved without the need for conventional heating or air conditioning systems. With these design principles the internal climate is controlled through an airtight shell allowing heat to be collected through solar gain, the required energy demands are reduced by 90% compared to a normal home built in compliance with building regulations.

Windows, doors, patio’s play a critical part within Passive House design, free warmth that comes into the property through soar gain is critical, and then as to how much of that heat is retained.

The entire window, should have a U-Value of 0.80W/(m2K) or less, with the installed product with no more that 0.85 W/(m2K). Windows and doors themselves need to be airtight, are normally triple glazed with low conductivity spacers.

This incredible house featured some of MACO’s key products to suit the solutions needed to create and give it passive house status. One of the MACO products that is part of a key features of the house is the, Timber Aluminium Clad lift and slide patio doors.

Along with MACO hardware being part of the passive house solution the MACO Lift & Slide hardware offers a range of practical features such as being able to hold weights up to 400Kg, essential for these large format triple glazed products. Drive gears with hook locking give improved performance and maximum security, as well as, small practical features such as rollers fitted with brushes to remove build of dust improve the lifespan of the overall patio.  

Moving onto the doors and the MACO A-TS was the lock of choice for the three entrance doors on this property. Multiple locking points ensure that the required airtightness was guaranteed done automatically each and every time the door is closed  had a part in why this lock was chosen. However the practical benefits of the MACO A-TS certainly compliment the premium nature of this property. This includes the MACO A-TS being the only automatic door lock to fully close and lock at all locking points including the deadbolt with no key turn. This in turn means complete peace of mind knowing that if the door is closed then the door is locked and secure. 

Interestingly the windows for this project were all Tilt & Turn, combining two MACO Tilt & Turn solutions the MACO MUTLI MATIC MAMUT solutions for the larger sized windows along with the MULTI MATIC POWER Hinge for a concealed finish on the smaller windows. 

Today’s design trends are often characterised by concealed hardware and flush window profiles. So it’s easy to see why the MULTI POWER solution was chosen. It meets the aesthetic requirements without compromising functionality and performance. The system can support multi-sash elements and its flat surface makes the window very easy to clean and of course aesthetically pleasing. The fully concealed hinge-side represents the hinge technology for high performance home such as this.

Featuring burglar-resistance to PAS24-2016 and optimally sealed thermal insulation, the MULTI POWER can support sash weights of up to 130 kg on windows and up to 150 kg for doors.

The Homeowner (Rob Franklin GBCT) had this to say when it came to choosing the window and door solutions for this Passive House Project:

“Windows for a Passive House project are probably the most important decision of the build. Choosing a manufacturer with expertise, experience and proven track record are all considerations for triple glazed windows but the aesthetic is equally important. When the dust has settled and the builders are a fading memory it’s the look that will remain. We chose Pazen for those reasons”.

This project has shown the versatility of MACO hardware. Proving its quality and performance alongside being integral to creating the very best in windows and doors. 

For more information on this project alongside details on the products/solutions used please e-mail MACO at