Published On: Mon, Jul 7th, 2014

Masco UK Window Group select the Link-Vent from Glazpart as standard trickle vent

link vent p31299496-4Banbury-based Glazpart, is a specialist injection moulding company with extensive experience in the fenestration industry, employing 80 staff at its ISO 9001:2008 certified site, producing millions of mouldings each month.

Masco UK window group Ltd has selected the Link-Vent product range as their standard trickle vent for future window background ventilation. Glazpart launched this innovative new product at the FITSHOW 2013 and follows a period of cooperation and consultation in the development of the vent range. Masco UK Window group Ltd are the first major UK fabricator to integrate the products into their system from Duraflex which significantly reduces the part numbers used on their volume production.

The Link-Vent 2500 allows group fabricators to standardise on one 204mm x 13 mm rout detail and replace the traditional 2000mm2 AND 4000mm2 (free area) products, with one 236.5 mm ventilator delivering 2500 EQA, a similar performance to 4000mm2 vents but with a similar length of a 2000mm2 vents. Smaller windows for non-habitable rooms can also now be compliant to building regulations, as 2500 EQA can now be delivered even through the sash of, for example, a typical down stairs toilet window.

The Link-Vent 5000 allows the group fabricators flexibility to deliver 5000 EQA through one tricklevent, especially where there is only one window in a room to meet the building regulations for a habitable room.

The ventilators will be supplied initially in white, brown, black, tan and two shades of grey (RAL 7015 and 7016) with other colours to follow, as the tricklevent range will be supplied in a suite of colours designed to match the colour of foil ranges offered by group fabricators Griffin windows and Premier trade frames. Additional colours to follow include Light grey, Cream, Steel Blue, Moss Green, Dark Red, Irish Oak and Chartwell green.

According to Dean Bradley – Sales and Marketing Manager (Glazpart): This is a key step in the launch of the Link-Vent range and we at Glazpart are excited at the prospect of launching it with Masco UK window group and to develop this and future products

Ray Mcgrady – Marketing Director (UKWG): “The simple design, part number reduction and standardisation opportunities in production working with Glazpart were key in our selection of this innovative new product”

We offer an extensive range of colour options, whether a moulded colour, vacuum foiled, printed wood grain or paint sprayed as detailed in our general trickle ventilator catalogue which is available for download at the same web address.

For more information on the Link-Vent product line this is easily down loadable online at  with instant access, the catalogue provides a detailed summary of the Link-Vent product range including features and benefits.

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