Published On: Thu, Sep 9th, 2021

Never search for a lost email again!

Business Pilot has launched a new email integration for its installer business management tool, which automatically pulls emails into the CRM, automatically assigning them to a lead or job, no matter who sends it, to create a clear and instantly accessible audit trail.

Delivering a step change in prospect and customer communication, each lead or job is automatically assigned a unique email address, as soon as it’s on the system. 

Users can then either choose to email as before, directly from the CRM, or copy and paste the email address into their preferred mail client as CC or BCC address. 

“The easiest way is to think about it is as the email address assigned to the job and the system itself, as being another ‘person’ in your organisation who needs to know about the content in the email you’re sending”, explained Elton Boocock, Managing Director, Business Pilot.

“If you’re responding to a customer or a prospect, or sending an internal email, from within Business Pilot, you can simply select to automatically ‘copy-in’ the unique email address assigned to that lead or job.

“You can also copy and paste it as an address into whatever email you use. Either way a copy is created and sent back to the CRM and automatically assigned to the specific lead or job. This provides a clear record but is also immediately accessible to your entire team, not lost in your sent items! 

“What it doesn’t do is to include every communication if you don’t need to, you’re free to make a sensible choice about what’s relevant and so what’s included in the log by choosing when to BCC the system.” 

While users are free to send emails from within Business Pilot or their preferred mail client, for example Outlook, Elton said the former offered additional advantages by allowing installers to automate certain responses.

“You can automate responses as part of the sales or operational pipeline, for example confirmation of an order, or installation date. Things that you can template and do automatically”, he said. 

This is powered through Business Pilot’s Status Progression Tool, which allows installers to map their lead-to-contract or contract-to-delivery process – automating repetitive tasks including emails and other notifications as each step in each pipeline is completed.

“Status Progression does a lot. It can be used by business owners and managers to digitize the processes they use every day and in doing so, guarantee that their teams are following them, driving cultural change and improving customer service”, Elton said.

“It also automates the things that you do a lot of, saving time and money and guaranteeing that they’re done, for example sending out a quotation, or pre-installation notification – those communications are now captured and recorded even if they’re sent from outside Business Pilot.”

The result of a collaboration between Thames Valley Windows and Cherwell Windows – and their digital partners, Business Pilot is a cloud-based business management tool, designed specifically for installation businesses.

It provides installers with precise data on everything from leads and conversions, to job scheduling, installation and servicing costs and even financial reporting. It makes this data accessible through an easy-to-understand dashboard that provides real-time data from each area of business operation.