Published On: Tue, Jul 20th, 2021

New premises for Stuga Machinery

Stuga Machinery Group has moved to new premises around half a mile from the previous ones. The move was completed inside four weeks including moving production, stores, office/admin and most importantly I.T. With Stuga’s renowned customer back-up at stake it was vital that the internet related functions were kept fully operational at all times and this was achieved with the help of Stuga’s I.T. support specialists meaning that there was no time 24/7 when the company’s I.T. systems were not available to Stuga staff. Stuga has over three hundred machines that are connectable to the internet and on-board cameras and many Stuga technicians have the training to actually do this, meaning Stuga customers enjoy a fast real-time enhanced service experience.

The new premises have created a wide open space without internal walls making the manufacture of automatic sawing and machining centres much more efficient as these machines take up considerable space when being built. It also allows for working on several machines or modules at the same time as the ebb and flow of parts continues. There are also two overhead cranes that cover the entire production area creating both physical and logistical efficiencies.

In addition to production there is now more dedicated stores space for the ever increasing stock of spare parts required to support the vast number of Stuga machines in production throughout the UK and Ireland. Stuga are currently directly supporting over two hundred automatic sawing and machining centres dating back to 2000 and another more than one hundred stand-alone saws and prepping centres going back to the early nineties.

Finally, but very importantly, there is more space for service and back-up staff to operate efficiently so that the best possible support can be given to Stuga customers most of which enjoy the benefit of a comprehensive service contract which includes connection to on-board cameras as well as internet diagnostics.